February 13, 2018

Day in the life: What does it look like on buying trips? Commonly asked questions

Last week I was in Atlanta with my mom on a buying trip for our boutique, No. 14.  These trips are my absolute favorite part of my job.  It is so much fun to see the upcoming goodies that we will be bringing into No. 14 and it's an added bonus that its like a scheduled girls trip with my mom every three months.  Every time I go on these trips, I get a bunch of questions from followers and clients of No.14 curious about our process on these trips & answered the most common questions below:

Do you make a list of what you're looking for before you go? How do you know what to look for? 
Before I leave, I schedule appointments with each brand to make sure all of my bases are covered.  I have to go into a buying trip feeling organized- otherwise I'll be overwhelmed and feel like I'm missing something.  I also request look books or line sheets from a lot of my brands before we go (line sheets are documents with pictures of every piece of the delivery & include price/sizing/fabric etc). I do this so I can look at them on the plane ride down and get a grasp at trends.  I'll also circle my favorite pieces to make sure that they get placed onto my order and I'm not overlooking them!

Do you actually love everything you order? Do you ever order things that you hate or that don't sell? 
1. We never order things that we do not like, however sometimes we receive shipments and all look at each other like...did we order this?  It happens once every few months or so! Usually when that happens, we request a return authorization from the vendor because the style is in perfect condition so they would be able to sell it to another store.  

2.  There are definitely things that we look at and say 'this is really cute, maybe not for my style/my body, but I could totally see a few of our girls looking adorable in this'  

3. Yes, of course we have things that don't do well.  I'd say if a style isn't doing well, a good 70% of the reasoning is because of the garment fitting poorly.  Sometimes things just don't work and that's the long and the short of it.  Most of the time, we will put the item on sale and if it doesn't sell from there, we will donate it!

Do you buy for your style or for your clients'? 
Both! I like to think that I have the same style as my clients because we all end up loving the same clothing.  Like I said above, there are definitely things we purchase that I know won't end up in my closet, but that doesn't mean I don't think they're really cute.  But, I also 1000% order some things selfishly, especially when it comes to events like weddings etc.  I am always on the hunt for a killer jumpsuit or dress for the next wedding I'm attending.  Also, if you happened to have been in No.14 while I was engaged- the entire store was white because I was shopping as the bride & not the guest #guilty. 

How do you know how much to buy? 
Being completely candid, we don't.  At this point, we know our client through and through so when something is REALLY good, we order more because we want to meet the demand.  As far as how many styles to order- we just order what we like and what our client likes.  We try to minimize how much 'sameness' we take in and keep it diverse. For instance, summer deliveries are usually chock full of blue & white striped pieces, which we love! But, we try to be a little choosey with those pieces so that our entire store isn't a repeat of blue & white striped dresses.  We almost never buy 'enough' when we are on trips.  I am always making orders via linesheets between shows because we love to bring new stuff to our store daily.

Do you take the clothing home from buying trips? 
Nope! Showrooms are filled with samples only. There is no option to purchase on the spot and take home (what would be referred to as 'cash & carry').

How soon after a buying trip do you receive the product? 
This varies for every brand.  We have brands that mostly show 'immediate' deliveries at shows, meaning what we buy on that trip will ship to us from the week we made the buy, to 1-3 months after.  Then, we have other brands that require orders wayyy in advance.  For instance,  last week when we were there, we wrote some orders that will be shipping in September.  Each brand is different!

Do you deal directly with vendors or is there a middleman? 
Both! Some vendors prefer to sell their own product at shows while others sell through a multi-brand showroom. There are pros and cons to both! With showrooms, it's great to be able to tackle several brands in one appointment.  It is also fun to see several of your shipments in one room because sometimes things make unexpected pairings like one brand's shorts matching with another brand's top.  Dealing directly with the vendor can be nice because there is no middleman- when you have damages or are wondering about in-stock product, there is no wait time.  They have that information right in front of them so response time is usually quicker.  

What is a rep? What do they do for you?
A rep is someone who works for a brand or showroom and is our contact for that company. They input my orders, inform me of style drops/delivery changes,  assist me with any damaged merchandise we receive -and the list goes on and on.  I feel like I'm in touch with my reps allll the time- they're like my girlfriends that I wish I could just sit down  & get wine with.  A lot of Tuesday mornings spent discussing the bachelor over email before chatting business.

How do you keep track of all of this? 
Girl, good question, I am still trying to figure out the best way possible! I think I have finally figured out what works for me after trying several different ways to 'file' our orders.  The majority of my brands do electronic ordering, so when we order, they send us an email with the purchase order (includes pictures) and I save that PO to my dropbox.   I have a dropbox that is sorted by year, then by month so I can go into my files each month & make sure that I have received everything I was expecting and to follow up with brands that I have not gotten shipments from yet.  On the opposing side of that- I have brands that still physically handwrite POs 'the old fashioned way' and hand it over to me.  It looks like gibberish with style numbers and prices that mean nothing to me.  I spend the next few weeks pestering my reps to send me pictures so that I can have an electronic document and I add it to my dropbox and plan accordingly.  I usually need 2-3 entire days at my desk after a buying trip to make sure everything is organized.

How do you find the brands you carry?  Do you find new brands a lot? 
Believe it or not, we have only kept ONE brand on our floor since we opened and that's BB Dakota because they are an unbelievable brand to work with and they have their sh** together. Other than that we've seen a bunch of brands come and go which is good because it shows growth and the evolution of our customer!  I have found most of our brands via showroom rep's recommendations.  Your reps become your confidants and want to help you out. They know my store so when they get new brands to their showroom, they send me look books and help me sift through and pick things that would work for us!

What makes you realize a brand is no longer for you? 
There are a few things that have caused us to stop carrying brands.  
-A lot of the time, the brand will get a new designer and their aesthetic will totally change or their pricing will go up.

-Poor customer service.  Nothing drives me crazy more than terrible customer service and some brands that we've carried are so difficult to deal with that we just stop our orders with them and choose to add new product from other vendors that we enjoy working with

-Price.  This one is usually a real bummer.  We pride ourselves in being 'attainable affordable' and keeping our prices in the sweet spot average between $68-$108.  We've had a few higher priced brands raise their prices which lead us to stop carrying them to keep our prices attainable.

-Sizing/quality issues. We've had a few instances where product comes in and it is nothing like the samples we saw at a trade show.  The quality is much worse and it looks inexpensive.  We've also had problems with brands and their sizing being really off from the norm.  People are very particular about sizing ESPECIALLY when they have to go up a size. 

I feel like these trips are really overwhelming- are you exhausted at the end of it?
Yes! They're really tiring but honestly, it is my favorite part of my job so I don't mind it at all.  We definitely go have a nice dinner & a glass of wine at the end of the day ;) 

My Favorite Market Outfit: 

This is my striped romper that sold out really quickly at No.14 the day I wore it can also shop it here. ( I think it runs a bit big- I took an XS)  I wore it with a simple denim jacket and loafers I also just got these pink sneakers that I love.

January 30, 2018

Basics to invest in

One thing I have learned over the past few years is that when you invest in something you can continually wear over and over again, you have no desire to keep purchasing less expensive things to fill that void.

For example, right before No.14's first year anniversary, I saved for a pair of nude Valentino Rockstud pumps to wear to our anniversary party.  Ever since then, I have worn those pumps to almost every special event I've attended since then. Weddings, engagement parties, rehearsal dinners etc.  Prior to my owning these, I'd purchase a new pair of nude/blush heels or stappy sandals for every event that was happening.  The irony? I could've paid for the Valentinos multiple times over with the money I was spending on less expensive shoes over and over again.  Now, when I am getting ready for an event, I never really stress over my shoes because I have a great pair of nude shoes that go with everything. Below I listed a few investment pieces worth saving for.

Basic Tees & Tanks: 
We all have the tees from Target that end up being a wardrobe staple,  but I think it is important to have invest in tees that are a bit nicer. Something lay on your body properly and come out of the wash looking good as new.  These aren't a massive investment, but most of my tees come from Madewell and J.Crew.  I especially love these crew neck tanks under all of my jackets and I wear these crew neck tees and V neck tees on repeat all the time.  I especially wear the white and grey but also dabble in a few other colors when they come out with new ones!

Secondly, I love to layer a striped tee under my sweaters in the winter and I looove a striped tee under a denim jacket. I roll up the sleeves and have the striped cuffs pop out. This striped turtle neck is so adorable and such a great layering piece for the winter.  I own this boatneck tee and wear it so much that I could use a second.  I also love this flutter sleeve tee that just Madewell just released last week!

Basic Pumps:
I'll save you the re-hashing of my Valentino's story above but yes- I feel like the second you purchase your first pair of killer pumps, gone are the days of buying $98 heels each time you have an event.  I truly love my Rockstud Pumps that come in both black and nude and plethora of other colors.  For something a bit less loud- I always think Jimmy Choos are beautiful and a bit less expensive. I love these strappy pumps and these basic patent leather pumps.

I have gotten a lot of questions about Louboutins.  I do not own a pair, simply because I cannot rationalize wearing a shoe that makes me want to cry when I wear it.  I am on my feet all the time at No.14 so I am really protective of my feet and making sure they are taken care of.  I had a louboutin on for 2 seconds at Nordstrom once and couldn't believe how uncomfortable they were. It kind of broke my heart because I had always wanted a pair but I really just couldn't last an evening in them.

Leather Jacket:
I feel like once you graduate college there are a few things that are great to save for and a real leather jacket is one of them.  A black leather jacket never goes out of style and once you have it- you find yourself pulling for it every chance you get.  A leather takes you from drinks to dinner and back out for drinks again.  It is also is a killer transitional piece when the weather is changing.  I love the BB Dakota real leathers, a lot of people didn't realize that they made faux leather and authentic leathers but I looove their real leathers.  They are so incredibly soft and are not an insane price point for a authentic leather.  I have this one in several colors and get so much use out of it (Seen in sage here and Parchment here)   I also love this one, this moto, and this drape front.


The loafer/mule trend is not going anywhere.  I bought these slides on buying trip last year.  They are also the most comfortable pair of shoes I own.  For Christmas I asked for these pink loafers (in a light pink slides here) they are just as comfortable and I cannot wait to wear them once the weather gets a bit better. 

Denim is something that is quick and easy to invest in. Even though some denim can run at about $250,  it is something you can save for pretty quickly.  I recommend investing TIME trying on fits that work for your body.  Denim is a really personal thing and not one body is the same as another.  My favorite denim brands are Free People, Rag & Bone, Mother, & Madewell.  My personal denim preferences:
-I love high waist (9 or 10 inch rise) like these and these
-Really into a button fly right now -like these and these
-I love cropped skinnies. I never like when they're too long and bunching at the ankle and I LOVE to show ankle in my denim. I have these in a few different washes and love them. Also love these
-The cropped kick flare is going to be a huuuuuuge trend this spring paired with slides and mules.  Maybe go for a less expensive brand for these because it is a little more trendy.

black button fly skinnies here, V neck Tee here ///  boyfriend skinnies here, crew neck tank here

My tote is my lifeline.  When I am out and about, I love a cross body filled with just my wallet, lipstick and sunnies but during the day- I haul a tote everywhere with me.  I need my laptop, notebooks, cosmetics- all of the things with me.  I am a huge creature of comfort and I like to have everything with me at work.  A great, timeless tote is a woman's right of passage (in my opinion ;).  I carry a Louis Vuitton neverfull GM with me everyday and it is a great size for everything I need.  I have also been really crushing on this black and blush tote that comes in a few other colors.  This price point isn't too steep and the quality of this leather is unbelievable.  I also know several people who swear by Tory Burch totes, especially this one this one that is said to hold its shape impeccably. 

Your skin is the largest organ on your body and it is so important to take care of it.  You can read all about my skin care routine's here, here and here.  More than anything- make sure you are giving it the nutrients it needs, protecting it from the sun (I use this CC cream as my everyday foundation- it has SPF 50 and amazing coverage). Most importantly, make sure you're taking off your make up off every night and allowing your skin to breath at night and soak in the nutrients from your skincare.

January 27, 2018

5 facts about me

I got tagged by a few of my blogger girlfriends to do 5 facts about me and a few of you requested to learn more about me when I reached out about what to write about for any upcoming posts. These were hard to pick!

1. I wouldn't say that I am 'afraid' of the ocean but I have a great respect for the water.  I am so curious about the world and I am eager to travel to different places but I have no desire to explore the sea.  I would never ever go scuba diving-I am actually getting short of breath just thinking about being that far under water while typing this #dramaqueen.  I'll just stick to snorkeling.

2.  A little background on Eric & I- We met when I was 14. Which is one of the reasons why No. 14 is named what it is.  He played football in high school, college and even spent a few weeks playing professionally. His number was 14, which is an additional reason for it's name.  He always jokes that we should hang his jersey in the store, I laugh and brush it off- have make sure his head doesn't get too big.  In college, Eric went to a military school and for the first six months of being there he wasn't allowed to have a cell phone (as part of freshman initiation).  We got to talk on the phone once a day and wrote letters to each other to talk about things we would forget to talk about. We still have some of the letters and I crack up reading some of them. (Like why did I have to tell him my chemistry lab was really hard and that someone in front of me was eating yogurt in class?)
At our first formal together. I think he was 16 and I was 15
First time we'd seen each other since going to college (3 months before that). Happiest humans  
The night we got engaged @ No. 14. Also, happiest humans ;) 

3.  I cannot go to sleep in an unmade bed.  I make my bed every morning without fail.  If for some reason I am running behind and unable to make it, I will 100% do it right before getting into it (obviously without the decorative pillows etc) but the sheets & covers need to be properly made in order for me to feel comfortable getting into it.   I also have to sleep with my feet outside of the covers and a fan on.  My body shall be in a sea of covers and fluff- but my feet shall remain out with moving air.

4. My mom is way cooler than me.  In high school, girlfriends would come over and hangout with my mom the entire time.  If I had a party- there would always be a separate party going on upstairs around my mom's kitchen island.  She gives the best advice and also makes the best brownies around so I fully understand why everyone gravitates toward her.

5.  My grandmother, my mom's mom, had a love for bees. I remember her taking me to a local farm every time she'd visit to show me the bee farm.  She loved how the entire hive revolved around the queen and that it was the other bees' sole purpose in life to protect her.  I was my grandmother's only granddaughter, which gave us a really special bond.  Like any doting grandmother, she was always so intrigued by my happenings and of course, loved to hear about my business.  Her love of fashion and interiors is definitely what lead my mom to be curious about those worlds, which in turn, rubbed off on me.   She always said she couldn't wait to see me get married (she looooved Eric and always said he was the most handsome man she's ever seen) and she couldn't wait to watch me decorate a house.  Sadly, she passed away just shy of three years ago-before I was engaged, got married or had a house to decorate.  When I stumbled upon these bee decals, I couldn't think of a better way to honor  her in my first home.  They were the first thing I put on the walls when I moved in and I don't think I'll ever have the heart (or desire) to change them as long as we live here.

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January 25, 2018

J.Crew Sale on Sale

Sooo J.Crew has been doing a number on me by having their sale be an additional 50% off.  At one point, my shopping bag was A BIT out of hand.  Here's what I snagged:

This Pink & Navy Workout Set: Bra Top here & cropped leggings here the set ended up costing $49!

This Striped Workout Set: Bra Top here & Cropped Leggings here  together the set came to $38!

This striped suit- loving the low back! Came to $40! 

I also had been coveting these woven slides for spring and was waiting until I could actually wear them to purchase.  This morning I went onto Nordstrom and they were sold out in almost every size. GASP.  I did find them on Shopbop & couldn't press 'add to cart' quickly enough- but they're already selling out of sizes so I felt like I should link them for you in the case that you are just as obsessed with them as I am.

Just a quick little post to share my purchases! 

Thanks for stopping by!

January 23, 2018

My Resort Picks- for your vacation!

Over the last few weeks we have had some serious weather.  Between negative temps, 6 inches of snow,a random 50 degree day, then coming right back to winter temperatures- my mind is very confused as to what I should be wearing and I have seriously gotten the itch to take a trip and see some real sunshine.  Unfortunately, Eric's job schedule is super tough.  He works in trauma so he is on call a lot over the weekends, which leads us not being able to take many vacations this year.

A lot of you had inquired about what my favorite resort pieces are as you're taking trips to Mexico, the Caribbean and Florida- you lucky chicks.  So instead of packing my own bags, I wanted to virtually help you pack yours and live vicariously through you.

Travel Day:
I love a cute travel outfit & I always layer because flights are usually chilly and my destination almost never has the same climate.

I purchased this blazer sweater a few weeks ago then made my mom buy it a week after I did.  I posted it on instagram yesterday and so many of you loved it too! I wear it over everything & it's the perfect oversized fit (I got an XS & it is still oversized so I recommend going down one size or two even). I think this is going to be adorable layered with a white tee, shorts and sneakers going into spring too. It is definitely one of those pieces that isn't going to go out of style and is going to be something you reach for continually.  I also love this longer grey sweatshirt cardi for a bit more casual look & to gain a little more length.

My Travel outfit would be: This blazer, this tee, these jeans, these loafers (dupes here, also loving these pink sneakers), this carry on & this tote (in the black and pink combo)

Beach Day: 
I am alll about a one piece these days. I mean who doesn't want to be able to eat a quesadilla and a drink piƱa colada poolside and not really worry about the flat tummy issue...just saying.  I am definitely snagging one of these Solid & Striped swim suits this year.  I coveted them all last summer and I will definitely be pulling the plug later this season in anticipation for a trip.  I bought this little suit & sunnies pouch on Blk Friday because I have been looking for something like it FOREVER.  Both Eric's parents and my parents have lake houses- when you're headed out on the boat you don't want to take a full tote because it is a bit excessive- this little pouch is perfect to keep your sunnies, a brush and your phone in. It will be getting a TON of use this year.

My Beach Outfit would be: This one piece or this one, these cutoff shortsthese sandals, & these sunnies. Also loving this coverup, this blue ruffle bikini and this white one piece

Too much sun, not a beach person, lunch date- whatever the case- sometimes you aren't in a swimsuit the entire day on a trip & you want to be cute while shopping or running errands.  I love a basket bag for 30thousand reasons but mainly because they hold their structure and there are so many different variations to this style of bag.  This one is really simple and will remain a great vacation tote for years to come- a basket bag will never go out of style anywhere near water.

My Daytime outfit would: A basket bag with these sandals (which I HAVE to own by spring), these cutoff shorts and this tee. Also loving this jumper  and this gingham dress which both would look so cute with these bow sandals as well.

A Night Out:
Everyone loves to get dolled up to go out when they are out on vacation.  You feel refreshed and you have to flaunt your newly tanned legs- that's your well deserved right of passage as a vacationer! I adore this blush dress.  It is the perfect amount of sexy and classy (also killer for a 'guest of' dress if you're going to an event soon!)

My night out outfit would be: this dress (also love this one and this one), these shoes, this clutch

The 'Inbetween-er': 

A dress & heels it too much, but need something more than jeans and a tee?  I got you- These espadrilles have been seen on every blogger ever for the last two years.  They're equal parts flattering, comfortable, affordable and go with absolutely everything- enter: they sell out every spring.  This year, the designer gave them a bit of an update and I have to admit, these are currently in my cart.  I love the texture and I think this palette will go with everything I own.

My 'inbetweener' outfit would be these espadrilles, this dress, these sunnies & Grapefruit clutch  with a pop of color on my lips- this lip in color 'MIGHTY' is my favorite pink.  Not overbearing, but gives you that extra color you were looking for.
Evenings In:
Something about going away always makes me want a new set of pajamas.  I think it's because you  stay in your pajamas a little bit longer in the mornings knowing that you don't have to scoot off to work.  I love to snag a new pair for trips just for that extra bit of excitement...and you guys know I LOVE myself some good loungewear.  This pink & green floral set stole my heart.

I am also loving this little pajama romper, and this ivory loungewear set.  Add a my favorite face mask, and your night in is complete.

January 21, 2018

Skincare #3- Cleaners, spot treatments & masks!

The third and final post of this little skincare series talks about cleansers, masks and spot treatments- basically how I curb my skin when it's acting a fool ;)


This makeup remover is a newer product to my routine.  I've used it for about three months and don't think I'll ever stray from it.  I previously would only use a face wash to take off my makeup and wash my face- but I found myself washing my face twice (once to get make up off, then once to actually cleanse) then I was still using a Q tip under my eye to remove excess mascara.  Too many steps, and I never felt like I was getting everything off of my face.This remover acts like a gel- you put it on your eyes (totally dry- do not dampen) then the make up melts off-which is also amazing because you're not rubbing your sensitive under eye tissue.  I then rinse my face and the mixture turns into an oil and rinses the makeup right off.

Following that step, most of my eye makeup is gone and I cleanse.  I have used this cleanser for almost six years.  It is probably the only skincare product that I never ever change.  I've tried to find less expensive options, tried to buy something different because I love to try new things- but I ALWAYS come back to this cleanser.  It makes my skin feel so clean without being really harsh.  A little bit goes a long way, and the tube lasts almost 9 months for me.

When my skin was going haywire a few months ago- I started 'serial masking' (I totally made that up) but really- I would detox in the evening, and moisturize and brighten in the mornings.  I felt like this made a huge difference in the actual CHANGE in my skin.  Yes, I started using new skincare (talked all about that here) but in order to curb all of the mayhem and get it back to normal, I felt like my skin needed a serious slap in the face.  These are my favorite masks:

Clay detoxing mask:  This one is a tried and true.  I have also tried this one, but find that the glam glow packs a bit more punch.  This is also a great spot treatment for pesky little blemishes- it seems to make them disappear! (more about big, mean, cystic blemishes below) You can find it at Nordstrom here and Sephora here

These ferulic acid pads are not a mask, but definitely detox my skin in the evening. I talked about them during my evening routine and other blog posts, because I just love them.  I use once a week- sometimes less depending on what other really strong products I use in the evening.

I really really love using sheet masks from Sephora, especially when I'm traveling, they are my go to because they come individually.  My favorites are the lotus and the rose.

I also love the Dr. Jart sheet masks. I always gravitate toward the Water Replenishment moisture mask and the Micro Jet Brightening Solution Mask

When I use sheet masks, I usually try to jade roll while they're on- I feel like it just gets the blood flowing even more and makes the solutions go deeper into my skin.  I usually turn on an episode of a show I missed, sit down and roll for 10-20 minutes.

Brightening mask: This makes your skin tingle and feel like you just walked out of a facial.  I have used this brightening mask for years and haven't found something that beats it.  You can find it at Sephora here and Nordstrom here


There are two types of people who get pimples in this world.  People who get little pesky blemishes and think its a big deal (I envy those people). Because then there's me, and anyone else who gets cystic acne that understand that, girl, those things don't mess around. They hurt and they usually don't go away for a few days.  Enter: my secret sauce.   This spot treatment is my weapon to curb those big mean things. Now, fair warning, it does not make them disappear.  It brings all the bad stuff to the surface so you pop it and it THEN it goes away.  Sometimes it may take two nights of use to fully get it to that point.  After I get rid it, I use good ole Neosporin to heal and repair that skin.  You can find the spot treatment at Sephora here and Nordstrom here.

January 8, 2018

Skincare Pt. 2: Evening routine

Hi guys! Happy Monday!  Last week I shared my morning skin routine as part one of this three part skincare series. You can read about my morning routine here.  

When it comes to evening skincare, I try to keep my routine really simple.  There is nothing worse than crawling up the stairs only to realize you have 20-30 minutes of skincare to perform before you can actually get into bed.  After removing my makeup, I use three products daily.
  (I'll be doing a post on cleansers & spot treatments later this week so stay tuned!) 

1. Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic Acid + Retinol Brightening Solution: I use this as a serum underneath my cream.  I always feel like putting something on under your cream just makes your cream work that much harder.  It also dampens your skin so that you're using less product when you apply, which is always a plus. Buy at Sephora here and Nordstrom here

2. Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic + Retinol Anti Aging Moisturizer: This is a great cream for the winter and is super hydrating.  I have been loving Ferulic Acid because it helps to even out skin tones and still works as an anti aging component.   Purchase at Sephora here and Nordstrom here.

3.  Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream: This eye cream is a splurge but worth it.  Every time I go into Sephora, I ask a different person what the best eye cream is, each and every one of them point me to this cream and I have loved using it.  My eyes feel super hydrated and *huge plus for me* I don't find it being so moisturizing that my mascara runs underneath it. Purchase at Sephora here and Nordstrom here  

Once a week, I like to use the Ferulic Acid Peel from Dr. Gross.  I usually do it on Thursday nights so my skin looks best over the weekend.  These pads are absolutely LIFE CHANGING.  When I use them, I wake up with my skin feeling absolutely unbelievable.  They make your skin really even and soft.  Eric even noticed the first time I used them.  They are a bit of a splurge, but I only use them once a week so the pack lasts a really long time.  I use this immediately after I wash my face and apply my skincare right after.

Clearly there is a bit of a theme here! I am loving the Ferulic + Retinol line of Dennis Gross in the evening.  I also know that its really easy to feel guilty about buying all new skincare when you aren't sure it will work.  Sephora offers this package that has everything I mentioned above in smaller version for only $59.  It is the perfect set for you to try everything and see how it makes your skin feel before you dive in and buy the full sized products.

Thanks for reading today! I hope you guys have a great week!