June 5, 2018

My Summer Reading List

My pick of 10 books for summer reading: 

photo found on Pinterest 

Crazy Rich Asians: This is the first book in a three book series (I'm in the middle of reading the third).  They are super easy reads but so much fun because of the glitz and the glamour.  They made this book into a movie and its coming out this August- I cannot wait to see it!

Girl Wash Your Face: I listened to author Rachel Hollis on a podcast a few weeks ago and fell in love with her and immediately ordered this book and cannot wait to read . It was also recommended by tons of readers!

The Slight Edge: In the middle of reading this and am really enjoying it.  I really love books that make me want to get off my ass and do something. This book talks about how to turn good habits into a lifestyle that help you lead the life you desire.   I usually don't read this book before bed because it makes me so excited to DO ALL THE THINGS and I can't fall asleep because my mind is racing. So maybe try it as a beach/day time read.

Shoe Dog: I shared this book a bunch on my insta stories last summer.  It took me almost all summer to read because I can be really bad at taking the time to pick up a book (getting better though!). Anyway- I love this book with all of my heart. It is a book written by Nike founder Phil Knight. All about his struggles and how hard he was willing to work to make his dream a reality.  I cried my eyes out in the last few pages & now only want to buy Nike product because I love him so much.

From Sand & Ash: This was recommended by a few readers! It is a love story about two people whose lifestyles differ in terms of religion and upbringing.  I love a forbidden romance novel.

Less: This years Pulitzer Prize winning novel.  Definitely want to snag this- looks so good! It is about a gay man in his 50s who is a failed novelist.  He takes a trip across the world in an effort to avoid his problems at home and tries to find himself abroad.

A Simple Favor- Recommended by a few readers! This is a thriller about a missing mother and wife living in a deathly area and the complications she faces trying to prove she is all the things society tells her she needs to be. Apparently there is a movie starring Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick coming out!

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck: Title says it all, am I right?  This book talks all about todays world and how we all need to stop trying to be positive all the time so that we can become actually happy people.  The Author, Mark Mason, doesn't sugarcoat much throughout this book talking about how sometimes you just have to deal with stuff and change your mindset.  Its another good read that will lead you to embrace your fears and understand your limitations...while giving you a good laugh on the way.

When Breath Becomes Air: I have this in my possession but can't decide when is a good time to read it! I have had so many friends and family members rave about it- but I am a very emotional crier and just trying to figure out when is best to cry my eyes out.  It is about a neurosurgeon who is diagnosed with lung cancer and re-evaluates his entire life meaning.  Think its going to be a really good one.

The Hating Game: This was recommended by soo many of you and even some said they read it in two days. It is said to be a hilarious romantic story about two professionals that work together and 'begrudgingly tolerate' one another. But it seems that that hatred will turn into a romance between the two.  Definitely snagging this one to read!

May 15, 2018

Let me help you cover your ass...

Let me help you cover your ass...

Probably the most requested post this season has been for swimsuits that have some bum coverage. Most of my time in a suit is either at Eric's parents' lake house in Georgia and my parents' lake house in Ohio.  I don't know about you guys but I can't have my bum cheeks hanging out around my father in law and know that my brothers would immediately tell me to go put some clothes on in some of the suits I've been seeing this season. So. I have done some searching and here's what I've found!

J. Crew's swim is notoriously very appropriate. I have a few of their suits this year and absolutely love them. A few of my favorites are:


Some really affordable options:




Splurge worthy:



May 12, 2018

Anthropologie Mother's Day Sale!

         Anthropologie is offering 20% off their entire site this weekend in honor of Mama's Day! Here are a few of my favs:

(Click on the photo to shop directly :) 







April 19, 2018

Sephora Sale!


1. C-Firma Serum (you can also buy a mini size to try out before you dive into the large size!) 
2. Day Cream 
4. Primer 
This primer really helps my makeup stay on. I use the radiance formula because it gives me that extra glow.  I usually only apply primer when I'm going to work or going out (anytime I'm putting a full face of make up on) and I can always tell such a difference  


 Makeup Remover - This stuff literally makes your mascara melt away. One of my favorite products I purchased in a long while. I've already repurchased twice!
1. Face Wash 
2. Serum - I use this most nights before I apply face cream.  When my skin is feeling extra drab, I use this  Brightening Solution to give it a bit more life and it definitely helps. (brightening solution has a bit more punch behind it)
3. Face Cream 
4. Eye Cream - I used to use this and strayed away because a lot of people were telling me other things were better but truly, I have never loved a PM eye cream more.  It's a bit heavier- so I don't love it for the daytime (my mascara ends up leaving marks when my eye cream is heavy). But I really love this one especially for the price. 

I've used this same formula of haircare for probably 2 years now and never even attempt to stray away.  I apply heat to my hair almost every single day between a full style or just a touch up and this little system I use has helped a ton in making my hair stronger and keeping it from drying out.

1. Shampoo

3. CC Cream: I apply to damp hair after a shower

4. Hair Oil: I apply on still damp hair before I blow-dry
5. Dry Shampoo: I try not to wash my hair everyday which is tough with working out but this does the trick for me when I'm in a pinch and I LOVE the smell


1. Foundation Brush:Admitedly, I am not the queen of having perfect brushes.  Some of mine are 5 years old and are in dire need of replacements. But, I got talked into this foundation brush when I was refilling my foundation on my last visit to Sephora and WHAT. A. DIFFERENCE.  I felt like my foundation wasn't going on quite right for a long time and I loooove the finish this brush gives me.  

2. Curling Iron: The mecca of curling irons- I use this almost daily and love it.

3. Straightener: This mini straighter is great for the small pieces toward your head.  I have really tight curls at the base of my head so I love this little mini for that. 

4. Blow Dryer: have had this one for years and years and still love the way it works! I prefer it much more than the drybar one that I keep at my parents' house 

5. Hair Clips: I use these everyday to section off my hair and I love them because they don't pull at any stray hairs. 


1. Foundation: smoothest foundation with great coverage. Also love that it has a high SPF ( I use color LIGHT when I'm pale & MEDIUM when I have a spray tan)

2. Concealer:Just switched to this one and I really love it. Super creamy and my mascara doesn't leave marks under my eyes.  I use color Creme Brûlée 

3. Mascara 1 (not from Sephora, but had to share), Mascara 2, Mascara 3, Mascara 4 - you can read about my religious mascara formula here. & you'll see it hasn't changed much with the exception of the last step. it's my sure fire way for big lashes 

4. Bronzer: I have used this bronzer for a zillion years.  I like it because it isn't too orange 

5. Brows: New to this product- but really liking how simple it is!

7. Highlighter: the best glow. I have been using this for years and years 

8. Everyday lip: Literally wear this one every single day in color BLOOM
9. A Subtle Statement lip: My go to lip for date night or when I need a little extra oooompf in color ROMAN HOLIDAY 


1. Baby Facial- Great for skin clearing and rehab ALWAYS finish off with this Marula Oil becuase the mask can be super drying!

2. Glamglow Supermud: Another killer mask for clearing your skin.  I use in the evening and follow up with my usual skincare.  

3. I've talked about these peel pads over and over again on this blog because they really are worth it but I love these peel pads for the morning (I use about twice a week) and I use this one about once a week in the evening.  I definitely can tell a MASSIVE difference in my skin, especially with the PM treatments.  

4. Brightening Mask: This mask smells amazing.  I use in in the morning when my skin feels a bit lifeless.  I'll leave it on while I make my bed and make some coffee then wipe off with a wash cloth before applying AM skincare. 

5. Hydrating mask: I use this hydration mask almost every morning because I have such dry skin.  It is really mild which I like. Sometimes when I work from home, I just leave it on my face all day long and my skin feels so much more hydrated 

6. Exfoliator: I exfoliate usually after a workout or if my skin is feeling it needs it.  I honestly do not love to spend an outrageous amount on exfoliators (like the Kate Somerville one seems ridiculous to me?) but I bought this one about six months ago and it is still half full.  It lasts forever, smells amazing and works perfectly.  


1. Body: I use this foam on my entire body and really like the coverage it gives

2. Spray:: Perfect for touch ups, especially on legs.  I use this if I'm looking a bit pale but have only my legs out!

3. Mit: absolute MUST for applying all body self tanners- helps make the coverage more even!

4. Face: perfect for a healthy glow- not too orange


April 10, 2018

Shopbop sale...AGAIN!

Shopbop surprised all of us and came through with yet another buy more, save more event and it is making my wallet cry! There is sooo much good stuff out for spring and I am DYING TO WEAR.  (like #1 in my clothing pick below...I mean this DRESS!) 

Anyway, I rounded up some of my favorite clothing pieces and some shoes and bags for you to lust after or to start your cart with.  Be warned, things can go really quickly!  If you remember from my last shopbop sale post, I had these sandals (also linked below) in my cart and before I could checkout, they were sold out in my size. Sooo happy they restocked them because I am not missing out this time! 

ONE // TWO // THREE // FOUR // FIVE top here, bottoms here  // SIX // SEVEN // EIGHT  

ONE (also in black here) // TWO // THREE // FOUR // FIVE // SIX (comes in several gorgeous colors) // SEVEN // EIGHT // NINE // TEN //  ELEVEN // TWELVE 

A few other things I'm coveting: 

These tulle bow sandals- Perfect for a bride or guest of.  They also come in a flat sandal version here 

These sneakers that are adorable for running errands in 

These espadrille sneakers that I literally live in 

This super comfy floral jumpsuit. Adorable to dress down or dress up 

This pom pom bag that I purchased last year & LOVE (so spacious) is now on sale before the discount!  It also  comes in turquoise, orange 

This pastel snakeskin clutch that I keep posting about on my Sunday Series.  I think I may pull the trigger on it today. The colors are just too amazing 

These ivory lace up sandals.  I think I'm going to snag these to wear to an outdoor wedding I'll be attending this summer! The thick heel will be great to navigate the grass! 

Happy Shopping! 

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Use promo code: EVENT18 to get the discount!

April 4, 2018

How to transition your wardrobe to spring

Gosh, this weather is the worst and we all know it.

At No. 14, we start getting our spring product in December, so my mind has been on spring for quite some time.  At this point, we are all so sick of our sweaters. Our boots are trashed from over use and everything in our closet is looking less and less appealing.  If you're like me you probably have open toed shoes, sweet spring dresses and pastels dying to be worn!

Today's post is all about how to curb your frustration with these chilly temps and get use out of those spring pieces while we wait to see sunny and seventy.

Transitional Jackets
Invest in great transitional jackets that can be worn all day.  Denim jackets, light colored leathers and army jackets are your best bet. You'll get tons of wear out of pieces like this throughout spring transitions, chilly summer nights and into fall.  I never hesitate to spend money on jackets because I can use them all year round.

A Few Of My Faves: 
This army jacket has a killer shape  
 This pink blazer for a more elevated look 
This blush faux leather moto jacket is something I own and wear all the time 

 SHOP THIS LOOK:  Romper, Jacket, Sneakers  

Transitional Shoes:
It's too cold to wear open toed shoes right now so its best to have a few options for your footwear to transition seasons.  One pair of light colored booties that goes with a lot of your dresses is definitely a great option.  I also love sneakers with dresses- a look that is a huge 'go to' for me during spring, summer and through fall. Lastly, closed toed mules are a great transitional investment and they are very on trend right now!

A Few Of My Faves:
You've probably seen these mules on my insta many many times, I have been pulling for them over
and over again in the last two months.
I also love these as an option for a flat mule.   
I also have these all blush sneakers, and these blush & white sneakers (on sale & avail in all sizes!) that I have been wearing a ton.
These light colored booties will go with almost every dress you have in your closet, despite the pattern! 
 I love them with a white dress and denim jacket!

SHOP THIS LOOK: Dress, Denim Jacket, Booties 

Jumpsuits are everywhere this season! They're an awesome 'wear now and later' piece because they are longer on the bottom.  You can wear now with a tee under or a jacket over top and ditch the additional piece once the weather breaks.

A Few Of My Faves:
Love this black floral jumpsuit with a light jacket 
This jumpsuit that has been selling out everywhere and was just restocked- wearing in the photo below! (on serious sale here) Love this tee under it.
This floral jumper is so cute and I love it with a dark denim jacket!

SHOP THIS LOOK: Jumpsuit, Jacket, Flats 

Hoping this helps you be more excited to get dressed in the morning until the weather breaks! Hoping for sunshine soon!

Thanks for stopping by today! 

March 23, 2018

Current favorite trend: Blazers

After our buying trip last month, I have been smitten for a boyfriend blazer.  If you work in an office, you're probably sitting here rolling your eyes because you have a closet full of suits and work blazers.

But girl, it is time for those blazers to get fun.

This spring, the oversized boyfriend blazer is IT and that trend is going into fall with killer tweeds and plaids.  Until then, let's embrace this season's trends.  Adorable stripes, matching sets, and unreal pastels.  Feast your eyes.

 one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine

THIS.  This blush blazer has me feelin alllll the vibes.  I ordered it last week and cannot wait to pair it with cut off jean shortsthese loafers (dupes here) and a basic white tank.

two & three.
This linen blazer, the perfect low key casual.  Comes in bluewhite and black.  Also super lightweight for the warmer evenings as we (hopefully) get into some warm weather!

This feminine cut blazer, with bows on the sleeves and a more structured body. Comes in a cornflower blue and navy!

Another tied sleeve blazer, but with a bit of a boyfriend style body.  I love the easy styling to this and that it comes in a crisp white

This striped blazer that comes in two colors but I'm really into the soft pink combo (shocker) you can also shop it here on sale!

This grid blazer is an awesome neutral and will go with anything in your wardrobe.  You can also make it an matching outfit by adding these killer matching pants.

Keep it classic.  This double breasted blazer is a wardrobe staple and perfect for an 'office to happy hour' vibe.

It wouldn't be spring without adding a floral- I love this girly piece. Floral, flirty and a subtle bow sleeve to boot- you can't go wrong!

A few more that I'm loving: 

Another cornflower blue blazer in a killer woven fabric with an unbeatable price point. 

Looking to add some texture? This plaid is the perfect piece if you're seeking to add dimension to your look. 

The color of the season is a gorgeous lilac.  Making this blazer right on trend.