January 21, 2018

Skincare #3- Cleaners, spot treatments & masks!

The third and final post of this little skincare series talks about cleansers, masks and spot treatments- basically how I curb my skin when it's acting a fool ;)


This makeup remover is a newer product to my routine.  I've used it for about three months and don't think I'll ever stray from it.  I previously would only use a face wash to take off my makeup and wash my face- but I found myself washing my face twice (once to get make up off, then once to actually cleanse) then I was still using a Q tip under my eye to remove excess mascara.  Too many steps, and I never felt like I was getting everything off of my face.This remover acts like a gel- you put it on your eyes (totally dry- do not dampen) then the make up melts off-which is also amazing because you're not rubbing your sensitive under eye tissue.  I then rinse my face and the mixture turns into an oil and rinses the makeup right off.

Following that step, most of my eye makeup is gone and I cleanse.  I have used this cleanser for almost six years.  It is probably the only skincare product that I never ever change.  I've tried to find less expensive options, tried to buy something different because I love to try new things- but I ALWAYS come back to this cleanser.  It makes my skin feel so clean without being really harsh.  A little bit goes a long way, and the tube lasts almost 9 months for me.

When my skin was going haywire a few months ago- I started 'serial masking' (I totally made that up) but really- I would detox in the evening, and moisturize and brighten in the mornings.  I felt like this made a huge difference in the actual CHANGE in my skin.  Yes, I started using new skincare (talked all about that here) but in order to curb all of the mayhem and get it back to normal, I felt like my skin needed a serious slap in the face.  These are my favorite masks:

Clay detoxing mask:  This one is a tried and true.  I have also tried this one, but find that the glam glow packs a bit more punch.  This is also a great spot treatment for pesky little blemishes- it seems to make them disappear! (more about big, mean, cystic blemishes below) You can find it at Nordstrom here and Sephora here

These ferulic acid pads are not a mask, but definitely detox my skin in the evening. I talked about them during my evening routine and other blog posts, because I just love them.  I use once a week- sometimes less depending on what other really strong products I use in the evening.

I really really love using sheet masks from Sephora, especially when I'm traveling, they are my go to because they come individually.  My favorites are the lotus and the rose.

I also love the Dr. Jart sheet masks. I always gravitate toward the Water Replenishment moisture mask and the Micro Jet Brightening Solution Mask

When I use sheet masks, I usually try to jade roll while they're on- I feel like it just gets the blood flowing even more and makes the solutions go deeper into my skin.  I usually turn on an episode of a show I missed, sit down and roll for 10-20 minutes.

Brightening mask: This makes your skin tingle and feel like you just walked out of a facial.  I have used this brightening mask for years and haven't found something that beats it.  You can find it at Sephora here and Nordstrom here


There are two types of people who get pimples in this world.  People who get little pesky blemishes and think its a big deal (I envy those people). Because then there's me, and anyone else who gets cystic acne that understand that, girl, those things don't mess around. They hurt and they usually don't go away for a few days.  Enter: my secret sauce.   This spot treatment is my weapon to curb those big mean things. Now, fair warning, it does not make them disappear.  It brings all the bad stuff to the surface so you pop it and it THEN it goes away.  Sometimes it may take two nights of use to fully get it to that point.  After I get rid it, I use good ole Neosporin to heal and repair that skin.  You can find the spot treatment at Sephora here and Nordstrom here.

January 8, 2018

Skincare Pt. 2: Evening routine

Hi guys! Happy Monday!  Last week I shared my morning skin routine as part one of this three part skincare series. You can read about my morning routine here.  

When it comes to evening skincare, I try to keep my routine really simple.  There is nothing worse than crawling up the stairs only to realize you have 20-30 minutes of skincare to perform before you can actually get into bed.  After removing my makeup, I use three products daily.
  (I'll be doing a post on cleansers & spot treatments later this week so stay tuned!) 

1. Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic Acid + Retinol Brightening Solution: I use this as a serum underneath my cream.  I always feel like putting something on under your cream just makes your cream work that much harder.  It also dampens your skin so that you're using less product when you apply, which is always a plus. Buy at Sephora here and Nordstrom here

2. Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic + Retinol Anti Aging Moisturizer: This is a great cream for the winter and is super hydrating.  I have been loving Ferulic Acid because it helps to even out skin tones and still works as an anti aging component.   Purchase at Sephora here and Nordstrom here.

3.  Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream: This eye cream is a splurge but worth it.  Every time I go into Sephora, I ask a different person what the best eye cream is, each and every one of them point me to this cream and I have loved using it.  My eyes feel super hydrated and *huge plus for me* I don't find it being so moisturizing that my mascara runs underneath it. Purchase at Sephora here and Nordstrom here  

Once a week, I like to use the Ferulic Acid Peel from Dr. Gross.  I usually do it on Thursday nights so my skin looks best over the weekend.  These pads are absolutely LIFE CHANGING.  When I use them, I wake up with my skin feeling absolutely unbelievable.  They make your skin really even and soft.  Eric even noticed the first time I used them.  They are a bit of a splurge, but I only use them once a week so the pack lasts a really long time.  I use this immediately after I wash my face and apply my skincare right after.

Clearly there is a bit of a theme here! I am loving the Ferulic + Retinol line of Dennis Gross in the evening.  I also know that its really easy to feel guilty about buying all new skincare when you aren't sure it will work.  Sephora offers this package that has everything I mentioned above in smaller version for only $59.  It is the perfect set for you to try everything and see how it makes your skin feel before you dive in and buy the full sized products.

Thanks for reading today! I hope you guys have a great week! 

January 3, 2018

My Everyday Morning Skincare Routine

Skincare is something almost every woman cares about.  There is no style to it- you want smooth and radiant skin- period.   In the last six months, I have had a major skincare overhaul.  My skin wasn't cooperating with my usual skincare and I was really frustrated.  My mom gave me a mini intervention and told me it was time to give my face to the skincare God: Dr. Dennis Gross.  (I'm kidding...kind of)

My mom's skin completely changed when she transitioned her skincare to mainly Dr. Gross, and mine now has too.  I am going to do this post in three parts: Morning routine, Evening Routine and masks/spot treatments so that it doesn't get crazy overwhelming and like a mass post.  Most products are Dr. Gross but I also have a few that I think perform better than the Dr. Gross comparable.

Everyday AM Routine:

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Pads: I will forever and always talk about these because they are NECESSARY! I chatted a bit about them in my favorite purchases of 2017 post here. Every time you use them your skin feels brand new and more firm. You can find them at Nordstrom here and at Sephora here

*when I have time/remember* I try to jade roll my skin for some extra circulation in between the peel pads and spray.  I love the way it feels, especially on my jawline.

Mario Badescu Rosewater Facial Spray: Call me crazy, but this stuff is the bees knees, and for $7, we can all afford to fit it into our routine.  It has 10293840 benefits. I spray it on my face and immediately apply serum, then cream.  It allows an extra layer of moisture applied directly to your skin and putting the serum and cream on top locks that moisture in even more #givemealllllofthemoisture.  It can also be used as a setting spray or as a re-setting spray mid day for an extra punch if you're feeling dehydrated and dry during these colder months!

Vitamin C+ Brightening Serum: I apply this to dry skin right before my cream.  I love that it has active ingredients that help to firm your skin and fix uneven skin tone. I recently listened to a podcast with Dr. Gross (via The Skinny Confidential) and he stated that Vitamin C is the best ingredient you can apply to your skin and even recommended taking Vitamin C supplements daily to improve your skin.  You can purchase the serum at Nordstrom here or Sephora here.

I've also been dying to try this  Drunk Elephant C Firma Serum I have heard amazing things about it so I just grabbed this mini version for only $23 to sample it out!

Dr. Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Gel Cream- My day time cream.  I love this because it isn't super heavy but still packs a major punch of moisture.  Heavy creams always make it feel like I'm wearing a pound of make up.  You can find it at Sephora here and at Nordstrom here!

December 30, 2017

Products that will go into 2018 with me

As 2017 comes to an end, I wanted to round up some of my favorite products of the year. Things I've used for the last twelve months (or even longer) that are going to walk their way into 2018 with me sticking by their side.  The list is super random- from mascara to vacuums- but hey, we all need these things so I figured I'd cover it all. 

Thanks for stopping by today! Enjoy!

Dennis Gross Pads:  These pads have completely changed my skincare.  I have used them for years and feel lost without them if I forget them on a trip.  So worth the splurge

Steamer: This little guy is a game changer.  We have a few industrial steamers at No. 14 & I used to take our personal clothes to work sometimes to steam- until I got this. It is mighty mouse- Tiny, but has a lot of punch.  Its also super compact and amazing to travel with.

Voluspa Candles:  These will forever be my favorite.  I love to burn the larger 3 wick at home all the time because it lasts so much longer.  I have a smaller candle in my office that usually compliments the scent I'm burning in the rest of our house.  My favorite scents are Casa Pacifica & Prosecco Rose

Faux Fur Blanket: Are you guys sick of this blanket yet?  I can't stop talking about it because I am truly that crazy about it. I am currently sitting wrapped in it, having just ordered not just one, but TWO other colors of it yesterday.  I ordered the grey (on sale!) & the ivory.

Crockpot: We are crazy for a crockpot meal.  We like to eat healthy and I love nothing more than coming home from work and not having to cook dinner.  Crockpots can sometimes be an eye sore, but this one is gorgeous.  I splurged on it when we moved last year and love all of its features.  Curious about recipes? I'm a die hard Pinterest girl- you can follow me here!

Utility Kitchen Set: I have this set all throughout my kitchen.  The oil & vinegar bottles, canisters as well as the mixing bowls, utensil holder & the spoon rest.  I love how cohesive and versatile it is but also doesn't steal the show from other decor.

Zella Leggings: THE BEST Leggings around. Let's be real, right now is 'leggings and sweater season' because its so darn cold what the hell else would you wear?  I live for these because they wash so well & they aren't see through.  I usually go down a size because I like mine to be tighter!

Uggs: We've all owned Uggs for years but for some reason, I needed a serious update this year. You probably see me wearing these chestnut ones on insta stories all the time- I haven't stopped wearing them since the chilly weather hit.  I also have these mini black ones which I am always wearing around my house.

Ouai Hair Mask: Use once, and your hair feels freshly cut.  This is my go-to when my hair is feeling a bit lifeless.  I don't color my hair and only go to the salon once or twice a year for a trim, so I don't get that 'fresh from the salon' feeling every 4-6 weeks like most girls.  This mask gives life back to my hair and I only use it once every other month.

Dyson Vacuum: Call me crazy, but this vacuum has changed my life- It definitely wins for #1 best item of 2017.  We asked for it for Christmas last year & my mom told me Christmas was for more 'fun things' and she wasn't going to buy me a vacuum! We purchased it ourselves right after the holiday and you guys.  Eric even offers to vacuum. It is SO easy to use because it is cordless and you are able to see how much you're picking up- which in turn makes you vacuum more because...wow.  I know this isn't going to be something you just up and purchase one day but SERIOUSLY. Brides: register! It is worth it.

Mascara: I wrote about my (overly excessive) mascara routine last year (you can read about it here). Yes, I use 4 mascaras all in one day & yes- the order is very important! But I changed my final coat to this mascara & think it makes a huge difference.  I still use this one first, this second, & this third and finally this one at the very end.

December 20, 2017

Overalls & Blushy Leather Jacket

I have been loving this warmer weather over the last two days.  I love that I'm able to layer while not being worried about putting a massive coat on. We've been so bundled for the last few weeks, it's definitely nice not to worry about how you're going to wear an outfit under your coat!

I'm truly, madly, deeply over this blush faux leather jacket (shocker!) & it is on crazy sale here & I have had these overalls for 3-4 years and never get sick of them!

Headed out to finish the last bit of my Christmas shopping, I hope you guys have a great holiday!

December 18, 2017

Gift Guide #3- Last minute gifts under $50


If you're like me, you procrastinate buying gifts for the people in your life that are hard to buy for.  I also have multiple grab bags that have a $50 budget that I always struggle to find things for!  You want to buy something nice and look like you exceeded the budget...while still abiding by the rules.

Here, I've rounded up some of my absolute favorite gifts.  Tons of these retailers are offering free expedited shipping or discounted expedited shipping in order to get these items before Christmas. I've also been doing tons of purchasing online, and picking up in store with retailers like Nordstrom, Williams Sonoma & Crate & Barrel!

Another quick shipping hack: Shopbop links to your AmazonPrime membership so you can get anything within two days #ohyeah

1. Jo Malone is the ultimate luxury gift.  I love this festive set of soaps! Especially their packaging.  You don't even have to wrap it, just add a ribbon and you're done!  Such a great gift for a host or for your MIL.

2. I am a huge bath person.  We don't have a tub in #houseofkords and any chance I get at my parents' house, I hop in the tub and take a massive bubble bath, complete with candles and a glass of wine.  This bath oil is so fragrant and amazing to moisturize your skin.  It's perfect for the girl who loves a luxury bath every once in a while.

3. The copper mug never disappoints!  I'm an avid Moscow Mule girl so I will forever love a copper mug as a gift.  You could purchase a set of two of these, or just purchase one and add all of the trimmings to make the perfect Mule.  It would also be really cute to make this into a hot chocolate gift too and add the cocoa mix, marshmallows and peppermint sticks.

4. A decanter is an amazing gift for the wine lover.  This one is the one that was on my instagram story over the weekend and I got a million questions about it.  It is under $25 and currently on sale for $18 WHAT! I would gift this with a great bottle of their favorite alcohol and call it a day.

5. I love this bigger cosmetic bag for traveling, especially with hair products. I have a cosmetic bag this size that is always my go to when I'm traveling.  I fit my blow dryer, straightener, curler, round brush and hair brush in here and its a one stop shop when it's time to do my hair.

6. A cosmetic bag is never to be underestimated.  I keep a cosmetic bag in my tote everyday filled with chapstick, concealer, bronzer, my go to lip, deodorant and a roller of my favorite perfume, because you just never know when your plans will change and you need a touch up.  I love the structure in this one because it will stay open when you're using it which is a huge plus to me. Perfect for the girl on the go.

7. Framed photos are an amazing gift for someone.  In this digital age, we all have a camera roll chalk full of photos, but never take the additional step to have something framed.  This year I had a family photo from our wedding framed for Eric's Mom in this Brushed Gunmetal Frame. I think it makes your gift so personal and it is so much less expensive to buy your own frame and have your photo printed at your local Target than sending it to an online store that does the framing for you! This frame is really really substantial, I was so thrilled when I picked it up!  It also comes in Brushed Silver and Brushed Brass to cater to any decor color scheme.

8. Candles are always a go to gift when you don't know what to purchase someone.  But, scents are personal! If you aren't sure how someone gravitates to certain scents, this pack is your jam.  These candles are the candles that we sell at No.14 and this particular 'scent story' of theirs is by far their best and our best selling.  Each scent is different but absolutely beautiful.  I've burned each one in the store and in my home and continue to purchase them all the time.

9. Tassel earrings are EVERYWHERE right now! I have been seeing them on every blogger.  Right now, these ones are my favorites! I feel like they aren't too specific, which is why I love them.  I always try to avoid gifting things that are super 'Christmas-y' because after Christmas, no one wears that stuff! These will translate all through winter and into spring, summer and back around into fall.  They also come in 9 colors so you can pick which best describes the girl you're gifting for!

10. This peace sign is something that I've had for years.  I purchased mine on a retailer that no longer exists, and have yet to find something identical, until this one.  You've probably seen it all over my instagram over time- it's been something that has carried from my dorm room, my room when I still lived at home, our rental, and now this house.  No matter where I put it, it always adds the perfect amount of cool into the space.

11. Have a friend who is always traveling? These flip flops are an amazing gift for someone you know is going away over the winter.  It lets them know you're thinking of whats going on in their life over the next few months & that you'll be thinking of them while they're away!  & They'll be thinking of you while their toes are in the sand.

12.  I love a geometric glass.  These champagne flutes are so modern and I looove that they're stemless.  Another awesome gift to give with a bottle of champagne to pop when you give the gift (also great for the host of a NYE party!) They come in a wine glass version here as well.

13. In my gift guide last post, I talked about this plush blanket that I just can't get enough of.  Well here is another version for under $30! It comes in a million different colors to match any home aesthetic as well- a great gift for the homebody who loves to be cozy.

14. A diffuser is something I am needing! They're so popular right now and definitely something I'm interested in trying! This diffuser is so cute and I think it would make a great gift for someone who loves for their house to smell good.

15. No such thing as too many cheese trays (or cake stands for that matter)!  I love this marble and brass one.   You can also snag these matching cheese knives to make it a set! This is an awesome house warming gift too!

Thanks for reading! I hope you guys have a great week before Christmas!

December 12, 2017

GIFT GUIDE #2: What I am asking for!

Here she issss! Second most requested was a gift guide of what I'm asking for for Christmas.  Some of these things I already own, but think they're the perfect gift to receive (or to give!) because they're complete staples in my wardrobe or things I've recently purchased that I'm just beyond thrilled with.

1. I find all things travel to serve as amazing gifts.  Cute luggage and accessories are things you'd rather not waste your own money on but when everything matches, it makes traveling that much more fun.these cosmetic bags have been on my list for a few months.  Cuyana has incredible leather and while it's luxurious, it isn't ill-affordable.  I am asking for this set in the pearl grey color with a gold monogram.

2. This rose colored luggage stole my heart last February when I saw it on a buying trip.  A lot of the trade shows we attend also show handbags, travel & shoes  (none of which we sell) but it's fun because we can sometimes get a sneak peek at the upcoming seasons and plan accordingly ;).  My current luggage has seen better days and I am definitely ready for a femme upgrade. I actually bought this exact luggage for E in September for his birthday (in black, of course) and I was sooo impressed with the quality.  I asked for all three sizes- the carry on, the medium, & the large because I want the whole set to match.  Most weekend trips I'll just use the carry on & the medium, but I like having the option of the large for a longer trip (or maybe all three because sometimes I over pack).  If you're not super into blush- my mom is also asking for new luggage and asked for this marble set! which is so cool.  You can buy individually, in a set of two, or set of three! I love that it comes in dark marble and light marble.

3. This jewelry case has me organizationally smitten.  I loooove a place to put everything when I'm traveling.  I've shared these packing bags (great stocking stuffers!) on my site before.  They're the best because your luggage looks SO organized and when you unpack you know exactly where everything is. This jewelry case takes it to another level because I usually travel with my jewelry in a little felt bag and it ends up everywhere.  The specific place for earrings and rings just really makes me happy.  Also love that it will match my cosmetic bags and that it can be monogrammed

4. I'm a big robe girl.  I don't like to put an outfit on immediately out of the shower while I'm getting ready.  I like to wear a nice toasty robe in the winter while I do my hair and make up.  The Emily & Merritt collection for PBteen is something I've always been drawn towards.  It brings so much fun and pizazz to everyday things.  I love this heart robe and actually, at my parents house, have these matching sheets on my bed.

5. Pajamas are always a massive Christmas gift.  I think its because who really wants to spend money on pajamas when there are shoes to be had (am I right?) I'm a huuuuge pajama person because I hate to be dressed up at home.  The second I am home, I change into something comfy, but I also don't want to look like a hermit.  I added these floral joggers & matching sweatshirt to my Christmas list.  If you're looking for really really nice pair of jammies, these are a must.  I own them and they will forever be my go to pair of pajamas because they wear unbelievably well and are so soft.

6. Christmas is amazing time to update your hair products.  A good blow dryer, curler and straightener should never be underestimated because they can drastically effect the health of your hair.   I have this blow dryer and seriously adore how well it works (it comes in a smaller travel size as well that is great if you're constantly on the go!).  When I stay at my parents' house and use my old blow dryer, I cant believe the difference in my hair.  This one is so nice and has a really forceful blow while also not being too hot on my hair, which causes more damage.  I also use this barrel curling iron.  I prefer the barrel because you can also use it as a wand (although I almost always barrel curl my hair)  This brand also makes an amazing wand here.   Lastly, I use this straightener for the baby hairs that are close to my head.  Its great for finishing pieces and fly aways and never gets lost because of it's buttercup color!

7. I've chatted about my skincare struggles on JGB many times.  I had terrible acne in college, went on Acutane- the whole nine.  I take R E A L L Y good care of my skin. It is something thats unbelievably important to me because I struggled with it for so long.  A product that has completely that has absolutely changed my skin care are these pads.  I am kind of sensitive so I use the ultra gentle. They also come in regular strength & extra strength (which my mom uses & loves). I recently listened to a podcast with Dr. Dennis Gross and he spoke about how life changing this peel can be for your skin.   My mom also recently got me hooked on these that are great for a deep exfoliation and anti aging and let me say that THESE things are quite unbelievable. I felt a difference in my skin immediately and it lasted for days after using it just once.  ERIC even mentioned something about how good my skin look (I mean, that's saying something ladies).

----I know these are both pricey which is why I put them on this gift guide because it is definitely a splurge.  I use the alpha beta peel twice a week in the morning and the ferulic acid pad once a week in the evening before bed- so although they come in individual pads, the pack lasts much longer than you'd think. *Note: I don't use the alpha beta peel the morning after I've used the ferulic acid peel in the evening----

8. I got these slides last year for my birthday and have truly never loved another gift more.  They are so unbelievably comfortable and the quality is bar none.  I of course, went for the insanely girly embroidered rose pair, but you can also do something more classic like these and get the same vibe!  I wear them year round:  I love them with black skinnies a cute blouse and a pop of color on my lip or paired down in the spring with shredded denim shorts and a tee.  I'm also thinking about adding this blush color to my birthday list in February to add to my spring wardrobe.

9.  I bought these booties recently and wrote about them a few posts back, but I put them on here because of how unique they are and how much wear I get out of them.  I feel like every neutral brown colored boot is either too light of a suede that will very quickly get ruined, or the brown is a whiskey color.  This blushy tan leather is really hard to come by in a forward style.  I seriously can't say enough good things about them.

10.  A leather jacket is never going to go out of style and the older I get, the more I realize how much nicer it is to have quality over quantity when it comes to your wardrobe.  Christmas is an AMAZING time to ask for a real leather and these ones aren't outrageously priced either (many authentic leathers can be $1,500+). This is one of my favorites, it comes in a classic black and this killer maroon which is gorgeous.  I am also crushing hard on this lighter camel colored one because I can picture it paired with pink, blue and white going into the spring.

11.  This wine carrier is on my list because we live within walking distance of so many BYOB restaurants and always find ourselves walking into these restaurants with wine shoved into my purse.  Classy, right?!  Definitely really excited about having something to carry wine in.  I also think this is such a cute thing to bring to a friends house when you're bringing wine for the hostess because it keeps it chilled and ready to open at any moment. Also, you're able to monogram which is always a plus! Cheers!

12. Every time this blanket is on my instagram, I get an overwhelming amount of questions about it. I have this blushy color (it comes in a variety of colors) and I seriously never use any other blanket.  Between Eric, Roo & myself, we are constantly chuckling about who is going to be using 'THE blanket' when we watch a movie.  As far as blankets go, I know it is on the pricier side. But, its a great thing to have gifted to you because you might not want to spend this type of money on a throw for yourself.  I cannot express enough how well this blanket has lasted in our house.  Faux fur blankets are a toughy (in my opinion) because they usually don't wash well.  Once you wash them, the fur is fluffy and just not right.  This one KEEPS ALL OF THE FLUFFY.  Being that we always fight over who gets to use it, I asked for this grey fur color for Christmas so we can all win and have 'THE blanket' next time we snuggle up for movie night.

A few other things I've been coveting: