February 20, 2013

DIY Glitter Soled Shoes

My topshop sky high heels needed a little punch to them.   This past weekend, my sorority had a formal and I felt it was the perfect excuse to spruce up my pumps. 

The only supplies you will need are Mod Podge, a paint brush, glitter, tape, and of course, your pumps!

First, tape the shoe at the edge of the sole in oder to ensure that you don't get glitter or glue onto the fabric. I used plain masking tape. 

Next,"paint" the mod podge onto the sole of the shoe and pour the glitter on top. Pat down the glitter to make sure it is sticking to the glue (otherwise you'll have a glittery mess every time you take a step) 

After you have done the entire sole, pour some of the mod podge into the cap and dip your finger in the liquid.  Dab the mod podge on top of the glitter that is on your shoe.  This ensures that the glitter will stay and gives it a "finished" look. 

Let the glitter dry over night and don't take the tape off until the glitter is completely dry.  

Then show off those soles!

Thanks for reading!

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