May 20, 2013

DIY Tissue Paper Flowers



Since I have been home for the past month, I've decided to do some redecorating in my bedroom to occupy some time while I'm waiting for my internship to begin in June.  I had a wall above my desk that was filled with bulletin boards and magnetic boards from PB Teen.  The room felt cluttered and dated, so I took it upon myself to change that!


You'll Need:
-Tissue Paper (you'll use about 10 sheets per flower) 
-Gardening Wire

1. Fold tissue back and fourth- making it look like a fan.  

2. Wrap gardening wire around the center of the folds.  Wrap a few times for security. 

3. Cut the edges of the tissue to create texture. 

(I cut this one round- but I also made a few pointy) 


4.  Start to pull each sheet of tissue toward the middle individually.  

5.  Do this on both sides with every sheet of tissue and 



1. Flip the flower over and slide a piece of gardening wire through one of the existing loops. 

2. Create a small circle and twist the wire so it stays. 

3. Place a thumbtack in the circle and then press the thumbtack into the wall.  (for some of the larger flowers, I placed another thumbtack in the flower once it was hung on the wall.  This makes it more secure on the wall. 


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