October 12, 2016

JGB #letsbereal: Mascara


Recently, on No. 14's snapchat (username: No_14lville) I have been doing a snapchat Q & A to address the questions I am getting asked most often.  Some of those questions have to do with No. 14's sales process and inventory, but the rest of them have to do with makeup, skin care, and styling.  I'm going to start a series called #letsbereal, where I address all of your questions.

The number one question asked during my first Q & A was about my eyelashes: Do you have eyelash extensions? What mascara do you use? Do you use serums? 

Guys let me tell you, I'm seriously flattered because I LOVE eyelashes. I was so humbled when I kept getting asked about my lashes over and over again.  I will leave the house completely bare faced- with the exception of mascara.  Having big, bold lashes just opens up your eyes and makes you look awake.

I don't have extensions, I don't feel like they would look bold enough on me. Because I have such dark hair, I feel that my lashes need to be thick to really standout.  Girls who have lash extensions also need to be careful how they sleep when they have extensions, and I sleep with my head face down in my pillow like a zombie. They would just never work for me (and they're expensive to maintain).

I have spent a long time rotating tons of mascaras and am always on the hunt for the new and exciting. I have had this same mascara routine for almost an entire year now. I've tried to sub in new formulas, but they never compare to my originals.


  I use a variety of 4 different mascaras in this particular order: 

Mascara Tip:
Apply mascara before your face makeup, but after your shadows and liner. This way you can wipe off excess (under your lower lashes or above your brows) without messing up your face makeup.

Have a question you'd like for me to feature in a future #letsbereal? Send it in to justagirlboss@gmail.com



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