December 7, 2016

Snapchat Outfits 12/7 THE VELVET OBSESSION

Yesterday's outfit: VELVET VELVET VELVET 

Yesterday on No. 14's snapchat I was wearing these awesome velvet booties that I think were made for the most girly girly girls everywhere like ME AND YOU! They are so comfortable.  Yesterday was my first day wearing them and I was on my feet all day with no problems at all.  

If you saw my wedding dress, you know I am a big statement bow kinda gal.  I love adding the touch of feminine and an extra accessory to your outfit like a bow in your hair.  Yesterday, I was wearing a blush velvet bow in my hair that got a lot of questions and unfortunately it is now sold out at Nordstrom :(.  If you go to the accessories department, you could get lucky and find one! But it is no longer on their website. The same day I purchased the blush velvet bow, I also purchased this floppy satin bow in ivory and blush (I know, I have a problem). I also bought this grey velvet bow online on black Friday along with this black velvet bow that has wire around the outside to give it more structure.  I just found these blush and burgundy velvet bows when I was looking for a replacement to post when I realized that Nordstrom sold out of the exact bow I was wearing yesterday. I may have to cave and get the blush looks like it is the exact same blush as my booties

Today's outfit: Sweater Dress & Coral Lip 

I got tons of questions about my coral lip in today's post- It is this YSL lip in color 36.  This past weekend I cleaned out all of my makeup (no clutter allowed in the new house) and 'rediscovered' some of my favorite old lipsticks. I was so excited about this one because it was one of my favorites to wear when I was working at Nordstrom in college.  

I also get asked about these brown booties every time I wear them.  These are probably my most worn shoes right now.  I feel like they go with absolutely everything. The heel isn't too high that my feet hurt at the end of the day and I love the pointed toe.  One of my wardrobe staples for sure.

Curious what my outfits look like? Follow No. 14 on snapchat (No_14lville) and you can see how I paired everything together.

December 6, 2016

We are moving!

For the past 6 weeks Eric and I have been in the process of purchasing a home to renovate!  I have always enjoyed the 'from the ground up' approach to customizing your home.  My parents built the home they live in while I was in high school, and I used to love running around with my mom to pick out her finishings.  Then, when we renovated a rundown bar to become No. 14, we had SO much fun making one of the ugliest storefronts in our neighborhood so dang cute! A renovation solidifies that every part of your home was picked by you and your standards, and I love that concept. 

Most homes in the city of Pittsburgh are row houses, tall and SKINNY and our new house is no exception; it is (going to be) so cute and cozy.  We do not plan on this being our forever home, but it is perfect for our lives right now and over the next few years. We adore our neighborhood and had no intention of veering very far. We are actually only moving a few blocks from where we currently live. 

 'The ground up' is no joke on this home.  Our contractors completely gutted it.  Like, dirt floors gutted it.  I attached a few ugly little pictures below of what it currently looks like.  Yep, that's my mom standing in our future kitchen believe it or not! 


We still have a few months to go and will be staying in our rental until late March or Early April when our new home is finished.  I just couldn't wait to spill the beans to you guys!  I'll post some updates on here to keep you guys in the loop.  I swear my life has revolved around Pinterest for the past few weeks and soaking in every detail hoping I don't miss anything to add to our house.  

What to expect in our new house? A light and airy kitchen, a cute office for me (No. 14 & JGB headquarters ;), a masculine den for E and a lot more entertaining space for our family. Oh and a little patch of grass for our pup! 

My outfit: 

This weekend, we traveled to Virginia to celebrate some of our closest friends get married. I have had this dress sitting in my closet for ages and this weekend was finally the opportunity I had to wear it. 

Dress: From last year, sold out but similar here. Also wore this teal one to a wedding in October. Loving this navy one and this cobalt dress has the same shape as mine.
Shoes: here, also love this pale blue color, replica pair here
Faux Fur Shawl: Originally from J. Crew, found a few that look identical for cheaper! Here and here
Bracelet: Hermes, similar here