December 7, 2016

Snapchat Outfits 12/7 THE VELVET OBSESSION

Yesterday's outfit: VELVET VELVET VELVET 

Yesterday on No. 14's snapchat I was wearing these awesome velvet booties that I think were made for the most girly girly girls everywhere like ME AND YOU! They are so comfortable.  Yesterday was my first day wearing them and I was on my feet all day with no problems at all.  

If you saw my wedding dress, you know I am a big statement bow kinda gal.  I love adding the touch of feminine and an extra accessory to your outfit like a bow in your hair.  Yesterday, I was wearing a blush velvet bow in my hair that got a lot of questions and unfortunately it is now sold out at Nordstrom :(.  If you go to the accessories department, you could get lucky and find one! But it is no longer on their website. The same day I purchased the blush velvet bow, I also purchased this floppy satin bow in ivory and blush (I know, I have a problem). I also bought this grey velvet bow online on black Friday along with this black velvet bow that has wire around the outside to give it more structure.  I just found these blush and burgundy velvet bows when I was looking for a replacement to post when I realized that Nordstrom sold out of the exact bow I was wearing yesterday. I may have to cave and get the blush looks like it is the exact same blush as my booties

Today's outfit: Sweater Dress & Coral Lip 

I got tons of questions about my coral lip in today's post- It is this YSL lip in color 36.  This past weekend I cleaned out all of my makeup (no clutter allowed in the new house) and 'rediscovered' some of my favorite old lipsticks. I was so excited about this one because it was one of my favorites to wear when I was working at Nordstrom in college.  

I also get asked about these brown booties every time I wear them.  These are probably my most worn shoes right now.  I feel like they go with absolutely everything. The heel isn't too high that my feet hurt at the end of the day and I love the pointed toe.  One of my wardrobe staples for sure.

Curious what my outfits look like? Follow No. 14 on snapchat (No_14lville) and you can see how I paired everything together.


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