July 17, 2017

JGB Travels: Outfit packing guide

Destination --> DENVER

In a few days, my entire family and I are packing up & heading to Denver, CO for my brother Quinn's wedding!  We have all been so looking forward to this because we are just so excited for Quinn & his amazing fiancĂ© Alyssa.

Packing for this trip has been so much fun. I'm used to going to the beach, on short buying trips (when I only need 1 or 2 outfits) and to both my parents' and Eric's parents' lake houses.  Usually when I go on these kinds of trips, I pack a bunch of my basic, go-to outfits that I can mix and match throughout my trip because there are never defined plans. But, we are going to be in Denver for almost a week and have stuff planned all day, every day.

This time of year, packing is much easier than in the fall/winter when sweaters are bulky and you want to layer.  I have been trying to make this a really easy process and pack mostly jumpsuits & dresses so I have ONE piece to put on & add shoes. 

This denim jumpsuit is a dream, and so flattering (if you're between sizes, go down a size! Its running a bit big in the bust) 

I always like to pack a few basics just to hang out in. This sweatshirt dress (on sale!) is made with a fabric that we call 'buttery french terry' because it is just so so soft and comfortable.  I have this dress in both black and grey and wear them constantly. I usually add sneakers and a neck scarf to run my errands. 


Anytime I travel, I like to bring a denim jacket for chilly nights and super air conditioned restaurants.  This denim jacket has been on repeat (last seen on my instagram here)

Shoes are ALWAYS an issue for me while packing.  I want to pack like...every pair I own.  This time I'm going minimalist and packing nude shoes that go with everything with the exception of these KILLER neon sandals 

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