August 8, 2017

JGB Travels

What is in my cosmetic bag when I travel: 

Some people live to travel.  I on the other hand, am a creature of habit.  I love my morning routine, cooking at home, and sleeping on my own pillow way more than I'd like to admit.  I struggle letting go of control and getting on an airplane and I have never been an amazing packer.  I stress out over leaving my business when I'm away and I feel like I need to be attached to my iPad to catch up on emails hoping I'm not missing anything important for my business. 

Being that I am a creature of habit, I like to have #allofthethings with me on my trips, and I've quickly learned that this is excessive.  I have taught myself to just narrow it down to the basics because really, why the heck do I need my full size shampoo & conditioner for a weekend trip.  Am I REALLY going to run out of the travel size...le no.  

So, I have compiled a little list of my travel must haves. 

This shampoo & conditioner travel set (which also comes with a little pack of hair ties #clutch) 

Sheet masks: Great for your first night post flight & they mean that you don't have haul a big jar mask with you I like to use this moisture mask
I recently started wearing this moisture mask at home & have been really loving it!

This cloud paint that doubles as killer blush and killer lipstick.  I am obsessed with how dewey it makes your skin look.  I use PUFF during the day and HAZE in the evening. I apply them using this brush

Highlighter for a fresh look, I use color QUARTZ

Evian Spray for the flight to lock in some moisture.  These travel ones are so convenient to have!  When I am home & need a refresher, I use this rose spray (it is the best on the market and is only $7!) 

This 'chapstick' that triples as SPF & killer lip combo.  I use shade 'Bloom' & just had to go get more because my mom stole mine in Denver.... 
I also love using Burt's Bees tinted lip (I use Petunia)

A travel brush like this, I also keep this one in my bag at all times because it is so easy to store

Hair Oil to tame the mane...because I have really dry coarse hair.  I use this everyday before I blow-dry and every morning when I wake up (one pump goes a long way) 

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