September 13, 2017

Let's Talk College....

Let's chat about college...

What did you go go school for? 
I knew I wanted to pursue something creative in college, but I wasn't sure what.  I first went to college for Interior design, which is how I ended up at High Point University.  Because High Point, NC is the furniture capital of the world, I felt I’d be better off experiencing the interiors world from there (& I was crazy about going to school there…I mean…have ya seen the place!? 

Anyway- a semester in to my freshman year, I realized interior design wasn't so much for me.  It was much more technical than I anticipated & I realized that I really just liked to decorate, not be an actual designer & engineer of homes and buildings (interior designers are no joke my friends!)  

I had always dreamed about being my own boss and wanted to prepare myself to be a business owner. But, math is not my forte and a business degree is filled with courses on accounting and the stock market.  As I’ve mentioned before, my dad and two of my brothers are accountants. I didn’t feel that my time would be best spent struggling academically in accounting courses when I knew that any future business I’d have would be very well taken care of.  I decided to major in Strategic Communications, something my university specialized in and it was SUCH a gift.  

Do you feel like you use a communications degree? It doesn’t seem very ‘creative’ 

I use my major every single day in my business.  I seriously enjoyed my workload and loved every single class I took throughout college.  I learned about public speaking, graphic design, social media, the works!  People often gasp to learn I didn’t go to school for fashion, but I wanted to major in something more broad than just fashion.  I am definitely not the design type, I cannot sew and I cannot draw (though I wish I could so so badly).  I wanted to pursue a degree that would allow me to do a lot of different things coming out of school in the case that fashion did not work out.  Communications is a really creative major believe it or not, you learn all about graphic design and it challenges you to get creative with your writing and speaking.  

Fun Fact: Joanna Gaines went to school for communications #creativesunite 

If you didn’t open up a boutique, what do you think you’d be doing?

hmmmm. I think being in charge of social for a creative company would be a ton of fun.  I love creating social content for No. 14 and I wish I had more time to devote to it.  I also love to meet new people, so I think I would’ve loved to work in HR.  Either way, I’d want to work for a creative company that celebrated style and clothing.  I love to get dressed in the morning, so I’d have liked to work for a company that was surrounded by other creatives who felt the same way! 

A bit off topic, but I know a lot of you come here to see some clothing!

A few recent purchases to start my fall wardrobe. 

Just bought these mules for fall, I am going to wear them with EVERYTHING. 

My go to outfit right now is: 

  1. these mules
  2. these jeans
  3. this tee (Also love the V-Neck Version here
  4. this neck scarf (just found this scalloped edge neck scarf and have to have it.)
  5. A leather (or faux leather here) for the chilly mornings, 

I'm crazy for a neck scarf right now! They're so comfortable & lightweight (as opposed to a statement necklace) and they make a really simple outfit look more styled. I'm really happy the trend has continued into fall 

Have you guys been seeing white boots EVERYWHERE like me?!  

I just bought these and (admittedly) knew I’d receive them and either love them, or absolutely hate them. Well, I stinkin’ love them and they're the cutest.  The laces are actually pinkish and I love how comfortable the rubber heel makes them.

  I cannot wait to wear a 'shades of white outfit' 
  1. these jeans (these are the same jeans as the green above & I absolutely love the fit, I have them in a few colors)
  2. this chunky ivory sweater (size wayyy down- runs so big!) 
    1. Also in love with this cardi (as seen from this instagram & this one too!) 
  3. these booties (they also come in a chestnut color here)

A few other white boots that I'm loving....

  1. These Balenciaga dupes 
  2. A similar Balenciaga style, with a lower heel (shout out to my people who are always on their feet, like me!) 
  3. Love the chunky heel on these
  4. A classic Chelsea Boot in white! (I have these in black and love them!) 
  5. These, with that killer heel detail, how could I not include them!? 

I always love to hear from you guys! Don't hesitate to reach out with ideas or questions for future posts!


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