November 30, 2017

Bits of Holiday Decor Around #houseofkords

Before Thanksgiving, I shared some of my favorite ornaments and tree decor. You can see the original post here. It has taken me a bit longer to decorate the rest of the house because this is my first time and I didn't know where to start!  I tried everything! To garland down my tiny little railing and around the doors. There was so much glitter on my floor that I am still running a vacuum every few hours.  I ended up with two sweet little spots in our house filled with Christmas cheer and I absolutely love them!

Our Kitchen Window

When we were renovating our house, my mom would keep telling me how much I would end up loving this giant window sill in my kitchen.  I thought it was so random that I would love a window sill...I was much more focused on massive things like exposed brick and exposed beam. But, like always, she was so right.  I have loved being able to decorate this area and change it up with each season. 

A little Christmas Nook 

This console table is something that is usually next to our sofa that had to be transplanted next to our bar in order to fit our tree.  Originally, I was bummed because I felt like it just looked like too much furniture in one space for our little house, but once I had it decorated for the holiday, I loved it. 

This Santa is probably my favorite Christmas decoration I have, I couldn't wait to make it the focal point.  These trees are a mixture of JoAnne Fabrics, Hobby Lobby and Target but I linked a ton of really similar ones below! 

A few things from my home that have recently gone on sale: 

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