November 16, 2017

Blushy Shoes

I recently did a number in the shoe department.  Call it too much time on my feet at No. 14 or maybe I'm just getting weak!  Back in the day, when I worked at Nordstrom (seasonally in college), I used to wear 4 inch heels during an 8 hour shift and not even complain.  This season, switching to boots made my feet cry!  I don't feel like I can wear big pumps anymore to work or boots that don't have some support.  Enter the kitten heel and killer flats.

Anybody who knows me knows I looooove a good statement shoe.  I feel like your outfit is nothing without a killer pair of kicks to complete it.  These three pairs of shoes just made it to my doorstep yesterday and I couldn't wait to share with you guys!


These Brown Chelsea Booties are everything I ever wanted.  I actually preordered them a few weeks ago and they came more quickly than expected!  I love how tall they are on my ankle and that there is a bit of a heel, but not enough to make you feel like you're too dressed up.  They're going to go with absolutely everything and I love how sleek they are for a brown boot.  I always go up a size in boots because I like to wear thicker socks- I did a 39 in these and they fit perfectly!

I had been on the hunt for blush velvet pumps since early fall, but everything had too skinny of a heel for my liking or was too tall for me to wear to work everyday.  When these popped up on the J.Crew new arrivals last week, I couldn't press 'order' quickly enough. 

These run small! I am a very true sz 8 in J.Crew shoes, I originally ordered an 8 and they were really tight on my toes, I went half a size up and the 8.5 fits me perfectly!

Lastly, these sweet bow flats.  I have this exact shape of flats from J.Crew from nearly 3 years ago and I wear them ALL the time (especially in that weird transition time between summer and fall when its too late to wear sandals but too warm to wear boots).  I was looking for an updated pair with a bit more oomph and these walked right into my cart.  They are super comfortable because of the elastic band and fit TTS! 

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