November 13, 2017

Whimsy Christmas Ornaments

So I know I was a bit ahead of the game on decorating my house for Christmas, but I couldn’t help myself!  Because we were out of town this past weekend and I am now going to be prepping for retail weekend (Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, & Sunday), I wouldn’t have been able to decorate until the first week of December, which I felt was too late!  I feel it is never too early to feel the Christmas vibes! This is our first Christmas in #houseofkords and I had a BLAST searching around for Christmas decor and buying a tree and ornaments. 

I’m also a huge proponent of early decorating because the process takes forever! Why not have it up early and enjoy the beauty for two whole months rather than only 3 weeks? 

When I posted on Instagram, that I was going to be decorating, I got a million questions regarding where to shop for ornaments.  The majority of my ornaments are from Anthropologie and decorated the rest of the tree with flowers from JoAnn Fabrics & I looove the element that the flowers brought to my tree.  It gives the tree more texture and dimension than just ornaments. 

I rounded up a few of my favorite ornaments, my galvanized tree collar,  and even some awesome flocked trees for great prices below! 

My favorite's are: 

This feathered (I think it is a peacock)- I used the ivory version as a tree topper

This Champagne Bottle (a great gift for a friend who is getting engaged or married this year!) 

This case of beer (I got E a few beer esque ornaments because I know my tree is more feminine and he lives here too!)


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