December 30, 2017

Products that will go into 2018 with me

As 2017 comes to an end, I wanted to round up some of my favorite products of the year. Things I've used for the last twelve months (or even longer) that are going to walk their way into 2018 with me sticking by their side.  The list is super random- from mascara to vacuums- but hey, we all need these things so I figured I'd cover it all. 

Thanks for stopping by today! Enjoy!

Dennis Gross Pads:  These pads have completely changed my skincare.  I have used them for years and feel lost without them if I forget them on a trip.  So worth the splurge

Steamer: This little guy is a game changer.  We have a few industrial steamers at No. 14 & I used to take our personal clothes to work sometimes to steam- until I got this. It is mighty mouse- Tiny, but has a lot of punch.  Its also super compact and amazing to travel with.

Voluspa Candles:  These will forever be my favorite.  I love to burn the larger 3 wick at home all the time because it lasts so much longer.  I have a smaller candle in my office that usually compliments the scent I'm burning in the rest of our house.  My favorite scents are Casa Pacifica & Prosecco Rose

Faux Fur Blanket: Are you guys sick of this blanket yet?  I can't stop talking about it because I am truly that crazy about it. I am currently sitting wrapped in it, having just ordered not just one, but TWO other colors of it yesterday.  I ordered the grey (on sale!) & the ivory.

Crockpot: We are crazy for a crockpot meal.  We like to eat healthy and I love nothing more than coming home from work and not having to cook dinner.  Crockpots can sometimes be an eye sore, but this one is gorgeous.  I splurged on it when we moved last year and love all of its features.  Curious about recipes? I'm a die hard Pinterest girl- you can follow me here!

Utility Kitchen Set: I have this set all throughout my kitchen.  The oil & vinegar bottles, canisters as well as the mixing bowls, utensil holder & the spoon rest.  I love how cohesive and versatile it is but also doesn't steal the show from other decor.

Zella Leggings: THE BEST Leggings around. Let's be real, right now is 'leggings and sweater season' because its so darn cold what the hell else would you wear?  I live for these because they wash so well & they aren't see through.  I usually go down a size because I like mine to be tighter!

Uggs: We've all owned Uggs for years but for some reason, I needed a serious update this year. You probably see me wearing these chestnut ones on insta stories all the time- I haven't stopped wearing them since the chilly weather hit.  I also have these mini black ones which I am always wearing around my house.

Ouai Hair Mask: Use once, and your hair feels freshly cut.  This is my go-to when my hair is feeling a bit lifeless.  I don't color my hair and only go to the salon once or twice a year for a trim, so I don't get that 'fresh from the salon' feeling every 4-6 weeks like most girls.  This mask gives life back to my hair and I only use it once every other month.

Dyson Vacuum: Call me crazy, but this vacuum has changed my life- It definitely wins for #1 best item of 2017.  We asked for it for Christmas last year & my mom told me Christmas was for more 'fun things' and she wasn't going to buy me a vacuum! We purchased it ourselves right after the holiday and you guys.  Eric even offers to vacuum. It is SO easy to use because it is cordless and you are able to see how much you're picking up- which in turn makes you vacuum more  I know this isn't going to be something you just up and purchase one day but SERIOUSLY. Brides: register! It is worth it.

Mascara: I wrote about my (overly excessive) mascara routine last year (you can read about it here). Yes, I use 4 mascaras all in one day & yes- the order is very important! But I changed my final coat to this mascara & think it makes a huge difference.  I still use this one first, this second, & this third and finally this one at the very end.


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