December 8, 2017

The Gift Guide: FOR MEN!

The gift guide for men was my most requested post!  So here it is! So many of you requested that I post what I am purchasing for E this Christmas because you struggle with what to buy your boyfriend/husband.  I grew up with four men in my house at all times (three older brothers and my dad), so I find men to be sooo easy to shop for- I feel like Eric always needs everything!!

Here's the secret to men- they love nice things, but they would never buy these nice things for themselves, enter US! The shopaholics to want our dudes to have the things they deserve!

Below are some things that have Eric's stamp of approval.  I was going to also post some things on here that I purchased him- but after I told him this was my most requested post, he replied 'I can't wait to read it' So.... no spoilers here!

1. A few years ago my mom bought all the men in my family these slippers and they were a massive hit.  I think the guys all like them because they keep their feet warm but are still a bit more masculine  than slippers.  I also love these ones with the leather outer! 

2.  These sunnies are the best sunnies around.  They look good on every single person I know (male or female). Honestly, Eric and I both own them, and they are our immediate 'go-to' for sunglasses.  I definitely think that getting the polarized pair is the game changer and the perfect splurge for the holidays.  Once you wear a polarized pair of sunnies, it is really tough to go back to regular sunglasses!  A few of my brothers also have this pair which I also love! 

3.  You may laugh when you see a standard wine key on this post but E is a firm believer in this.  He and I are huge wine people- we actually went to Napa for our honeymoon.  In Napa, all of the wineries use a standard wine key to open a bottle (rather than the fancy openers like a rabbit).  We actually have a Rabbit that Eric now refuses to use because 'real men open wine the original way'. So, a really nice, manly wine key has made him really happy.  He absolutely loves this one.

4. Real talk: It's time for the Nike/Adidas duffle to GOOOOO.  E used to travel with a sports bag and it just didn't make sense to me.  For his birthday last year I purchased him this exact duffle and he absolutely LOVES it.  It maintains its shape and holds a lot more than you'd expect and comes in a ton of colors.  It also has a special compartment for his shoes that keeps them separated from his clothing so his clothes stay clean.  Every time we go on a weekend trip he mentions how much he loves it (he's so cute <3) 

5.  E is a huge brown shoes guy.  He wears brown boots all through the winter and struggles to wear black shoes for some reason.  We were at the mall a few weeks ago and snagged these boots for him.  I love that they have the dress shoe look, but are still a boot so they'll be a bit warmer for him.  I also like these that are super similar. 

6.  I absolutely love for all of my travel accessories to match and kind of imposed this upon Eric as well.  He was going on a weekend trip and I just wanted to surprise him with a little something before he left so I gave him the matching dop kit to his duffle.  Once again, this holds way more than it lets on.  His is never ever full (probably like 1/3 full) and he uses it every single day in his workout bag and its held up impeccably. 

7. I love a money clip.  I feel like its such a sophisticated way for men to carry cash, it reminds me of my grandfather which always puts a smile on my face.  I love this updated one because its modern, but also personal because of the monogram.

8. If your man carries a briefcase, this is seriously a must have.  I am obsessed with being organized on the go because if your work bag  a mess, so is the rest of your life.  This folder is like a dream come true because it stores 'all of the things' in the most organized way.  

9. This catchall is more a semi-selfish gift (guilty).  Between Eric's watch, his wedding band, those pesky things that go under the collars of dress shirts and other miscellaneous things, I hate how cluttered our dressers and nightstands can look.  I love this catchall because it makes it can be personalized with a monogram (or left without a monogram). But it also gives that masculine touch while still being practical and giving your dude a place to put all of his things.  Everything looks better when it has a place.  This pigskin one is so cool and I love the darker leather. This company also makes a lighter cognac leather and a black leather catchall as well here.

10. If there is one thing on this guide that you purchase, it must be this pullover.  I actually had to buy this for E in multiple colors and styles because he was wearing his every single day.  He wears scrubs to work a lot and this is his immediate go to for a jacket. A bunch of his buddies also have it and wear it all the time. 

11. Whiskey is another 'man's man' thing.  I feel like men don't feel like true men unless they have a proper bottle of whiskey/bourbon/scotch in their house and the glasses to go with it.  The kicker? These glasses come in a set with whiskey rocks. You keep the rocks in the freezer and when you use them, they won't melt and make your drink watery.  

12.  I said it before and I'll say it again.  Men love nice things, but they'll never buy it for themselves. Nice underwear is a serious game changer.  Having under garments that are a bit nicer fabric is the shiz-ba.  All the guys in my family looove nice t shirts.  These come in a pack of three. Eric is a crewneck guy, but if your man is a V Neck guy, they also have packs of those here. They also have undies in packs of three as well! 

13.  If your guy works out, these will change his life.  Eric is an avid workout fiend, he works out 6 days a week and is a freak because he wakes up at 3:30 am in order to get his workout in (I sleep in and am REALLY lucky if I make it to the gym twice a week..trying to work on that...New Years Resolution?) Anyway- he loves these cordless earbuds because he can set his phone down and do his exercises without being attached to his phone or having heavy headphones on his head.  

14. On the flip side of that, E loves these to travel.  He and I both have these (I have the gold) and I don't feel like I can be on any flight without them.  Its unbelievable what noise canceling will do for even the shortest flight.  They obviously have incredible sound quality and are also cordless so you don't have to mess with any cords throughout your travels.  
Any questions? Don't hesitate to ask! I am going to be spending the rest of the day wrapping some presents and finishing up some work before the weekend! Hope you guys have a great weekend!


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