January 27, 2018

5 facts about me

I got tagged by a few of my blogger girlfriends to do 5 facts about me and a few of you requested to learn more about me when I reached out about what to write about for any upcoming posts. These were hard to pick!

1. I wouldn't say that I am 'afraid' of the ocean but I have a great respect for the water.  I am so curious about the world and I am eager to travel to different places but I have no desire to explore the sea.  I would never ever go scuba diving-I am actually getting short of breath just thinking about being that far under water while typing this #dramaqueen.  I'll just stick to snorkeling.

2.  A little background on Eric & I- We met when I was 14. Which is one of the reasons why No. 14 is named what it is.  He played football in high school, college and even spent a few weeks playing professionally. His number was 14, which is an additional reason for it's name.  He always jokes that we should hang his jersey in the store, I laugh and brush it off- have make sure his head doesn't get too big.  In college, Eric went to a military school and for the first six months of being there he wasn't allowed to have a cell phone (as part of freshman initiation).  We got to talk on the phone once a day and wrote letters to each other to talk about things we would forget to talk about. We still have some of the letters and I crack up reading some of them. (Like why did I have to tell him my chemistry lab was really hard and that someone in front of me was eating yogurt in class?)
At our first formal together. I think he was 16 and I was 15
First time we'd seen each other since going to college (3 months before that). Happiest humans  
The night we got engaged @ No. 14. Also, happiest humans ;) 

3.  I cannot go to sleep in an unmade bed.  I make my bed every morning without fail.  If for some reason I am running behind and unable to make it, I will 100% do it right before getting into it (obviously without the decorative pillows etc) but the sheets & covers need to be properly made in order for me to feel comfortable getting into it.   I also have to sleep with my feet outside of the covers and a fan on.  My body shall be in a sea of covers and fluff- but my feet shall remain out with moving air.

4. My mom is way cooler than me.  In high school, girlfriends would come over and hangout with my mom the entire time.  If I had a party- there would always be a separate party going on upstairs around my mom's kitchen island.  She gives the best advice and also makes the best brownies around so I fully understand why everyone gravitates toward her.

5.  My grandmother, my mom's mom, had a love for bees. I remember her taking me to a local farm every time she'd visit to show me the bee farm.  She loved how the entire hive revolved around the queen and that it was the other bees' sole purpose in life to protect her.  I was my grandmother's only granddaughter, which gave us a really special bond.  Like any doting grandmother, she was always so intrigued by my happenings and of course, loved to hear about my business.  Her love of fashion and interiors is definitely what lead my mom to be curious about those worlds, which in turn, rubbed off on me.   She always said she couldn't wait to see me get married (she looooved Eric and always said he was the most handsome man she's ever seen) and she couldn't wait to watch me decorate a house.  Sadly, she passed away just shy of three years ago-before I was engaged, got married or had a house to decorate.  When I stumbled upon these bee decals, I couldn't think of a better way to honor  her in my first home.  They were the first thing I put on the walls when I moved in and I don't think I'll ever have the heart (or desire) to change them as long as we live here.

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