January 21, 2018

Skincare #3- Cleaners, spot treatments & masks!

The third and final post of this little skincare series talks about cleansers, masks and spot treatments- basically how I curb my skin when it's acting a fool ;)


This makeup remover is a newer product to my routine.  I've used it for about three months and don't think I'll ever stray from it.  I previously would only use a face wash to take off my makeup and wash my face- but I found myself washing my face twice (once to get make up off, then once to actually cleanse) then I was still using a Q tip under my eye to remove excess mascara.  Too many steps, and I never felt like I was getting everything off of my face.This remover acts like a gel- you put it on your eyes (totally dry- do not dampen) then the make up melts off-which is also amazing because you're not rubbing your sensitive under eye tissue.  I then rinse my face and the mixture turns into an oil and rinses the makeup right off.

Following that step, most of my eye makeup is gone and I cleanse.  I have used this cleanser for almost six years.  It is probably the only skincare product that I never ever change.  I've tried to find less expensive options, tried to buy something different because I love to try new things- but I ALWAYS come back to this cleanser.  It makes my skin feel so clean without being really harsh.  A little bit goes a long way, and the tube lasts almost 9 months for me.

When my skin was going haywire a few months ago- I started 'serial masking' (I totally made that up) but really- I would detox in the evening, and moisturize and brighten in the mornings.  I felt like this made a huge difference in the actual CHANGE in my skin.  Yes, I started using new skincare (talked all about that here) but in order to curb all of the mayhem and get it back to normal, I felt like my skin needed a serious slap in the face.  These are my favorite masks:

Clay detoxing mask:  This one is a tried and true.  I have also tried this one, but find that the glam glow packs a bit more punch.  This is also a great spot treatment for pesky little blemishes- it seems to make them disappear! (more about big, mean, cystic blemishes below) You can find it at Nordstrom here and Sephora here

These ferulic acid pads are not a mask, but definitely detox my skin in the evening. I talked about them during my evening routine and other blog posts, because I just love them.  I use once a week- sometimes less depending on what other really strong products I use in the evening.

I really really love using sheet masks from Sephora, especially when I'm traveling, they are my go to because they come individually.  My favorites are the lotus and the rose.

I also love the Dr. Jart sheet masks. I always gravitate toward the Water Replenishment moisture mask and the Micro Jet Brightening Solution Mask

When I use sheet masks, I usually try to jade roll while they're on- I feel like it just gets the blood flowing even more and makes the solutions go deeper into my skin.  I usually turn on an episode of a show I missed, sit down and roll for 10-20 minutes.

Brightening mask: This makes your skin tingle and feel like you just walked out of a facial.  I have used this brightening mask for years and haven't found something that beats it.  You can find it at Sephora here and Nordstrom here


There are two types of people who get pimples in this world.  People who get little pesky blemishes and think its a big deal (I envy those people). Because then there's me, and anyone else who gets cystic acne that understand that, girl, those things don't mess around. They hurt and they usually don't go away for a few days.  Enter: my secret sauce.   This spot treatment is my weapon to curb those big mean things. Now, fair warning, it does not make them disappear.  It brings all the bad stuff to the surface so you pop it and it THEN it goes away.  Sometimes it may take two nights of use to fully get it to that point.  After I get rid it, I use good ole Neosporin to heal and repair that skin.  You can find the spot treatment at Sephora here and Nordstrom here.


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