April 19, 2018

Sephora Sale!


1. C-Firma Serum (you can also buy a mini size to try out before you dive into the large size!) 
2. Day Cream 
4. Primer 
This primer really helps my makeup stay on. I use the radiance formula because it gives me that extra glow.  I usually only apply primer when I'm going to work or going out (anytime I'm putting a full face of make up on) and I can always tell such a difference  


 Makeup Remover - This stuff literally makes your mascara melt away. One of my favorite products I purchased in a long while. I've already repurchased twice!
1. Face Wash 
2. Serum - I use this most nights before I apply face cream.  When my skin is feeling extra drab, I use this  Brightening Solution to give it a bit more life and it definitely helps. (brightening solution has a bit more punch behind it)
3. Face Cream 
4. Eye Cream - I used to use this and strayed away because a lot of people were telling me other things were better but truly, I have never loved a PM eye cream more.  It's a bit heavier- so I don't love it for the daytime (my mascara ends up leaving marks when my eye cream is heavy). But I really love this one especially for the price. 

I've used this same formula of haircare for probably 2 years now and never even attempt to stray away.  I apply heat to my hair almost every single day between a full style or just a touch up and this little system I use has helped a ton in making my hair stronger and keeping it from drying out.

1. Shampoo

3. CC Cream: I apply to damp hair after a shower

4. Hair Oil: I apply on still damp hair before I blow-dry
5. Dry Shampoo: I try not to wash my hair everyday which is tough with working out but this does the trick for me when I'm in a pinch and I LOVE the smell


1. Foundation Brush:Admitedly, I am not the queen of having perfect brushes.  Some of mine are 5 years old and are in dire need of replacements. But, I got talked into this foundation brush when I was refilling my foundation on my last visit to Sephora and WHAT. A. DIFFERENCE.  I felt like my foundation wasn't going on quite right for a long time and I loooove the finish this brush gives me.  

2. Curling Iron: The mecca of curling irons- I use this almost daily and love it.

3. Straightener: This mini straighter is great for the small pieces toward your head.  I have really tight curls at the base of my head so I love this little mini for that. 

4. Blow Dryer: have had this one for years and years and still love the way it works! I prefer it much more than the drybar one that I keep at my parents' house 

5. Hair Clips: I use these everyday to section off my hair and I love them because they don't pull at any stray hairs. 


1. Foundation: smoothest foundation with great coverage. Also love that it has a high SPF ( I use color LIGHT when I'm pale & MEDIUM when I have a spray tan)

2. Concealer:Just switched to this one and I really love it. Super creamy and my mascara doesn't leave marks under my eyes.  I use color Creme Brûlée 

3. Mascara 1 (not from Sephora, but had to share), Mascara 2, Mascara 3, Mascara 4 - you can read about my religious mascara formula here. & you'll see it hasn't changed much with the exception of the last step. it's my sure fire way for big lashes 

4. Bronzer: I have used this bronzer for a zillion years.  I like it because it isn't too orange 

5. Brows: New to this product- but really liking how simple it is!

7. Highlighter: the best glow. I have been using this for years and years 

8. Everyday lip: Literally wear this one every single day in color BLOOM
9. A Subtle Statement lip: My go to lip for date night or when I need a little extra oooompf in color ROMAN HOLIDAY 


1. Baby Facial- Great for skin clearing and rehab ALWAYS finish off with this Marula Oil becuase the mask can be super drying!

2. Glamglow Supermud: Another killer mask for clearing your skin.  I use in the evening and follow up with my usual skincare.  

3. I've talked about these peel pads over and over again on this blog because they really are worth it but I love these peel pads for the morning (I use about twice a week) and I use this one about once a week in the evening.  I definitely can tell a MASSIVE difference in my skin, especially with the PM treatments.  

4. Brightening Mask: This mask smells amazing.  I use in in the morning when my skin feels a bit lifeless.  I'll leave it on while I make my bed and make some coffee then wipe off with a wash cloth before applying AM skincare. 

5. Hydrating mask: I use this hydration mask almost every morning because I have such dry skin.  It is really mild which I like. Sometimes when I work from home, I just leave it on my face all day long and my skin feels so much more hydrated 

6. Exfoliator: I exfoliate usually after a workout or if my skin is feeling it needs it.  I honestly do not love to spend an outrageous amount on exfoliators (like the Kate Somerville one seems ridiculous to me?) but I bought this one about six months ago and it is still half full.  It lasts forever, smells amazing and works perfectly.  


1. Body: I use this foam on my entire body and really like the coverage it gives

2. Spray:: Perfect for touch ups, especially on legs.  I use this if I'm looking a bit pale but have only my legs out!

3. Mit: absolute MUST for applying all body self tanners- helps make the coverage more even!

4. Face: perfect for a healthy glow- not too orange


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