July 19, 2018

Nordstrom Sale Update!

Happy first 'official' day of the Anniversary sale, it is now completely open to the public and we can ALL shop the goodies.  Wanted to share another post with some of my picks that are COMPLETELY in stock.  You can see my fitting room try on with some amazing pieces right below this post, or at a direct link here.  Otherwise, here are some new pieces that I don't feel have been ALL over instagram!


This is the same exact shoe I have in neon pink. You guys ask about it every time I wear them!  They are so comfortable and I am loving the rose gold heel.  I cannot get over how well priced they are.  Snag them while they're available! 

Loving these leather bow Uggs!
These Peachy Sneakers 
Yellow has been a popular color since this past spring, we'll be seeing so much merigold this fall and winter in really amazing fabrics, like this velvet shoe!

Ferragamo look a likes at a sharp price point

Sleek, Sleek, Sleek! & Under $100!

The perfect transitional boot 

Chic leopard slides 


This is a new color in a jacket that I own and live in. I've worn it on buying trips here and here, wore it my entire honeymoon in SF & Napa and it is my go-to jacket because it is so comfortable. We get this jacket in at No.14 every year and it sells out so quickly.  It is an AMAZING staple.

A moto teddy coat. The coziest
My favorite pajamas. Have these in several colors!
Lilac Boucle Coat- NEED I SAY MORE?! 

That 'live in all fall and winter long, wish you bought two kind of sweater 

Told ya, more merigold!! 
Comes in several colors, but I love this shape 
The perfect update to your cozy outfit under $30

This one left me speechless.


This is the curling iron I use every single day & honestly I'm jealous that this one is black! I have the white version (the one everyone has) and if there is any amount of dye on your hair, it transfers to the white barrel.  I do not dye my hair, but I sometimes wear clip in extensions and the dye from them is ALL over my barrel and it is not so cute.  After typing this, I'm prob going to order the black #yolo. 

I bought this blow dryer last year on the sale and  LOVE it.
It also comes in white

My favorite shimmer brick. I use this ALL the time!
Snagged this because you cannot beat the price!

Stocking up on my fav candles 



Alll of the S'well things are my favorite
& this color is too cute to pass up 
The softest blanket in America 

July 12, 2018

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Try On

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be able to get a little sneak peek into the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale at Nordstrom Ross Park and try on some of the best pieces in the sale.  I will be posting try ons for these in my instagram stories and leaving them in my highlights for the remainder as the sale while things are still in stock. I wanted to do a post of the try ons here on the blog and add a few other favorites that I didn't get to peek at!

My favorite piece in the sale is this jumpsuit.  At a super sharp price point ($43!?), it is hard to beat. I wore it out to drinks last night with a little strappy sandal. I feel like it would also be great dressed up for a wedding with a strappy sandal and a orange-y red lip (my favorite orange-y reds are heat wave or morange)

This sweater is something that is going to sell out very quickly. Both this one and the Free People brand cardi are always products that tend to fly off the shelves during the anniversary sale.  I paired it back with these booties, and this basic lace tank that is going to go under everything.  It comes in several colors and is only $23! I am wearing these jeans in this photo- They are $44!? and unbelievably soft and comfortable.  I recommend going down one size because they have stretch! I was wearing a 25 in this photo and would have preferred at 24!

These jeans are my favorite jeans I own.  I had them in black last winter and I seriously was embarrassed by how much I wore them.  They are so comfy and the button fly looks good with everything.  They run pretty true to size, I took a sz 25- if you are between sizes, I'd go down one size! I paired them with this adorable blouson sleeve terry sweater and this color block sweater.
*color blocking is a huge trend that we're going to be seeing into fall, I saw it repeatedly in atlanta on our buying trip- so this might be a great purchase ahead of the curve!*

THIS JACKETTT! I had this on, my mom stopped into the fitting room for something-immediately turned around to go and find it for herself. It is so cute.  This tapestry brocade style is another thing that is about to blow up for the upcoming seasons.  The colors in this are so so pretty, muted pinks and maroons with a hint of mint green.  The perfect statement coat that will pair back to a lot more than you'd expect.    I am also wearing these jeans, this tank (again!) & these booties.


This suede skirt is unbelievably flattering and is going to be perfect with so many things.  I love it with over the knee boots or a bootie.  I made it a bit more casual with this basic sweater.  It is really lightweight and the perfect transitional piece to help move your wardrobe from summer to fall come August and September when it is in the 60s and too cold to wear a dress, but not cold enough to whip out the chunky sweaters and helloooo it is only $31?!

These washed black leggings are seriously a dream. They are a really comfortable fabric and the moto detailing is really flattering and an update to your basic legging.  I am wearing it with this tank (duh!) & this killer blush cropped puffer jacket.  If you remember last year, No.14 had a blush cropped puffer that sold out in a matter of minutes.  This one is sooo similar to that and just a few shades lighter.  When choosing a size, this runs VERY large, I'd recommend going down one, maybe two sizes.  I am wearing the XS here!  I also paired these leggings back with this sweater from  above on my stories. Trying to show you a few different ways to wear each piece!

Comfortable t shirt dress for. the. win. my friends.  This is so lightweight and comfy. I'd pop this on with little sneakers and run some errands or little booties and a jacket to go out to drinks.  It is so flattering and you can't beat the $31price point. 

A few other favorites: 

These Alexander Wang Sandals (these are the shoes I have in neon pink that you guys always ask about!
Vince Flats 
These Tory Sandals 
These Tory Burch Flats  
These stinking adorable slides 

This SPF setting spray that I talked about in yesterday's blog post!

I know that the nordstrom sale can be a bit overwhelming if you follow several bloggers.  Everyone seems to be posting about it left and right and it is only the first day!  I truly appreciate you guys finding yourselves on my page and peeking at my picks.  It means so much to me that you stopped by to shop the sale with me!  I will definitely be posting about the sale again in the next few weeks.  There is SO MUCH to pick from it is hard to compile into one post.  I still have other things (like pajamas and activewear) that I tried on and loved! I can't wait to share it all with you!

July 10, 2018

5 Minute Summer Make Up

Eric and I spent the last week at my parent's lake house in Ohio with my family.  The house is on a tiny little lake in the middle of no where.  My parents have had the lake since I was nine years old so I grew up waterskiing, tubing and playing wiffle ball with my brothers every single summer weekend.  There is no wifi or cable, we actually didn't even have a TV up there for the longest time! My brothers and their families were all in and out throughout the week but I got to spend the week there helping my mom host everyone and enjoy some quiet time in-between people coming in and out. It was unbelievably relaxing and I loved being a bit disconnected from everything.  Now that we are home, I am getting back into the swing of things- there is a whole bunch of newness on No.14's sales floor (& some newness online too) and my inbox is ALMOST handled. *shout out to those that like to keep their inbox at zero*

Anyway, every time I go to the lake,whether it be my parent's or Eric's parent's lake, you guys always ask me about my skincare routine while I'm there.  If you frequent JGB or my instagram, you know I am so careful about my skin and that I've wrestled with bad skin for a long time.  I am adamant about protecting my face from the sunshine and I am always trying new things to see what works best.

When I work from home I like to be somewhat put together because otherwise, I feel sloppy and don't get very much done.  I like to feel like I got ready for my day a little bit and am at least presentable.  When I am at the lake, I want to be presentable and I want to be sure that I am protecting my skin.  This is my summer skincare routine that I've been using when I am at the lake or when I am just working from home and don't want to be wearing a full face of makeup.

CC Cream (SPF 40)- I use this everyday at the lake and any day I'm just working from home or running errands and don't need a full face of make up.  It is lightweight coverage, but gets the job done in covering redness etc.  I use this brush to apply (I also use this brush to apply my regular daily foundation).  I love that it has SPF because I am adamant about protecting my skin.  I actually have both shades of this and probably won't be repurchasing the lighter color because it is just too light.  I have pretty fair skin (I use self tanner alll the time) but once you apply this to your skin, it spreads out and becomes lighter.

Mascara- sooo, I don't really mess with waterproof mascara.  A lot of you messaged me asking which waterproof mascara I've been using and I don't have an answer for ya.  I just can't stand how it sticks to your lashes and is soo hard to get off at the end of the day.   So, I use my regular mascara at the lake- I honestly soak in the water a lot and don't dunk my head unless we are skiing or something- and I just wipe it off if it runs.  I don't do my entire big bold lashes 'recipe' like I do for my daily make up- I just do a few swipes of this Bobbi Brown mascara and this MILK mascara and it gives me dark and subtle lashes.

SPF Setting Spray: Last year I was using this Kate Somerville setting spray with SPF and while it got the job done, it got in my eyes and stung so badly! Such an odd thing.  Needless to say, that one kicked the bucket for me.  Before we went to the lake for the week I ordered the Coola and Supergoop setting sprays to try both out.  I honestly can't say which I prefer because they're both amazing and both smell incredible.  I would say the only advantage one has over the other would be the Supergoop being SPF 50 and Coola being only SPF30- but I reapply throughout the day and can't say the difference was a deal breaker. If/when I go to reorder, I'll probably just do the Supergoop because it is a bit less expensive and has a higher SPF?

Eyebrows- This is the easiest damn eyebrow wand you'll own.  My lord.  One swipe, your eyebrows have some structure and depth- you're done.  I am not a huge brow person- I get kinda lost with all of all of the 'instagram brows' and just want something that will help shape my face.  Will forever be re purchasing this product.

Bobbi Trio- I take this everywhere with me.  Literally anytime I travel, I am like #blessed that this thing exists. Highlighter, blush, and bronzer all in one.  When I'm at the lake i'll just do a quick swipe of bronzer from my temples to my lip line, a little dab of blush on my cheeks and I usually skip the highlighter (but always use the highlighter for a full makeup routine) This palette is always in my travel bag and I love it on buying trips too.