July 19, 2018

Nordstrom Sale Update!

Happy first 'official' day of the Anniversary sale, it is now completely open to the public and we can ALL shop the goodies.  Wanted to share another post with some of my picks that are COMPLETELY in stock.  You can see my fitting room try on with some amazing pieces right below this post, or at a direct link here.  Otherwise, here are some new pieces that I don't feel have been ALL over instagram!


This is the same exact shoe I have in neon pink. You guys ask about it every time I wear them!  They are so comfortable and I am loving the rose gold heel.  I cannot get over how well priced they are.  Snag them while they're available! 

Loving these leather bow Uggs!
These Peachy Sneakers 
Yellow has been a popular color since this past spring, we'll be seeing so much merigold this fall and winter in really amazing fabrics, like this velvet shoe!

Ferragamo look a likes at a sharp price point

Sleek, Sleek, Sleek! & Under $100!

The perfect transitional boot 

Chic leopard slides 


This is a new color in a jacket that I own and live in. I've worn it on buying trips here and here, wore it my entire honeymoon in SF & Napa and it is my go-to jacket because it is so comfortable. We get this jacket in at No.14 every year and it sells out so quickly.  It is an AMAZING staple.

A moto teddy coat. The coziest
My favorite pajamas. Have these in several colors!
Lilac Boucle Coat- NEED I SAY MORE?! 

That 'live in all fall and winter long, wish you bought two kind of sweater 

Told ya, more merigold!! 
Comes in several colors, but I love this shape 
The perfect update to your cozy outfit under $30

This one left me speechless.


This is the curling iron I use every single day & honestly I'm jealous that this one is black! I have the white version (the one everyone has) and if there is any amount of dye on your hair, it transfers to the white barrel.  I do not dye my hair, but I sometimes wear clip in extensions and the dye from them is ALL over my barrel and it is not so cute.  After typing this, I'm prob going to order the black #yolo. 

I bought this blow dryer last year on the sale and  LOVE it.
It also comes in white

My favorite shimmer brick. I use this ALL the time!
Snagged this because you cannot beat the price!

Stocking up on my fav candles 



Alll of the S'well things are my favorite
& this color is too cute to pass up 
The softest blanket in America 

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