How I Curl My Hair


Much requested and I’m FLATTERED you guys are interested in this!

I posted the entire video on my instagram stories and adding a highlight tab for this so it can live on my insta for you to refer back to.

What you didn’t see on stories: WASH & TREAT

I use all ouai products on my hair- not for any specific reason other than they work for my hair and I LOVE the way that they smell. I have been using the same hair products for over a year so I am really consistent with these and know that they work.

I start with this shampoo & this conditioner.

Once I do a quick towel dry, I use this leave in conditioner and let it sit in my hair while I do my make up, make my bed- the normal morning things (I usually put my hair in a bun while this is sitting). Then I use this hair oil to protect my hair before I dry it- I try to leave that in for a bit to sit as well, but lets be real- sometimes I’m in a huge rush and I do both of these with very little time for them to sit. But regardless, I always use them!

I blow dry using this blow dryer and a round brush - I prefer the half pint size over the full pint- I actually own both, but never use the full pint anymore because it doesn’t seem to work as well.


I have really tight curls right at my head, so I use this single pass straightener to tame the baby hairs. I pretty much can’t leave the house unless those things are tame, so this little guy is a life changer for me.

I use this ‘memory mist’ prior to curling my hair- I spray it on the tips then use my brush to make sure it went all the way through! It helps the hair feel hydrated and bouncy- I notice a big difference when I don’t use it.

I then curl my hair using this curling iron- I have had it for almost three years and it truly is the best. I separate it into three parts using these clips and curl away from my face.

When I am finished curling my hair, I brush through my curls using a regular brush (I use this one) and use texturizing spray to give it volume. I have a little technique when using texturizing spray that is easier done than said so check the video for that detail as well. In terms of texturizing spray- the jury is out on which is the best one. I have used both Oribe and Bumble&Bumble. I would say 5% of me prefers the Bumble&Bumble simply because I LOVE the way that it smells and it is a bit less expensive. Additionally, it comes in mini size so I looove that for traveling and to just keep in my purse.

My best tips for curling would be:

-Always curl AWAY from your face

-Don’t ‘uncurl’ your curls when releasing the iron (this is easier explained in my video)

-Leave about 1/2-1 inch of hair out of the curling iron so it creates a wave and not a 00’s curled look.

-Create tight curls, let them cool, then brush out.


How often do you wash your hair? Do you do AM or PM?

I definitely cannot wash my hair everyday- more than anything because I really hate to wash it in the first place- like what a dang process. I would say I average 2-3 days on one wash. Every once in a while I’ll go 4 days and I’ll hate the way it feels and you’ll 100% see me wearing a hat or headband that day so I am not touching it all day. I use this dry shampoo to get me to my next wash and I really love it. I just spray at the roots and can tell it helps a ton.

I always wash my hair in the morning. I really don’t like to go to bed with wet hair and I definitely don’t want to take my evenings away from time with E just to blow dry my hair. I also workout in the mornings and plan my harder workout (meaning more sweaty- sorry, TMI, but we’re all friends here right) around mornings when I am planning on washing my hair.

What curling iron do you use?

This one! I find a clamp easier to use- but I this iron has a feature that allows you to remove the clamp and buy a wand to go with it. I think their heat products are by far the best, so even if you prefer a wand, I’d still go T3!

How do you get volume?

I explained this a bit in my video, but I get volume at my root just from having curly hair. When I’m looking for more volume, I will tease my root a bit and use dry shampoo. I also think texturizing spray is a huge game changer for volume.

Do you use hairspray when you curl? It always weighs my hair down..

Nope! I don’t even own hairspray- I’ve never been a huge fan of it ever since I stopped dancing (when I was 14) because I hate how crunchy it makes your hair feel- it DEFINITELY weighs you down. Substitute texturizing spray for your hairspray. I also think the memory mist I talked about above will help you hold your curl!

How do you get loose curls? Mine are always too tight.

Brush through your curls once they’ve cooled! Leave them tight while they’re still warm from the iron, and brush through before you use texturizing spray. Your curls will also fall naturally during the day so they’ll be most wavy at the end of the day. Also be careful how long you’re holding the iron on the hair while you’re curling it- if you want them super loose and wavy, only give it a quick pass!

How the hell do you do your part?

Ha! Loved this one- honestly this is funny because my hair just has a natural part and does its own thing, I don’t have to make it part at all. I have a cowlick on my right side that wouldn’t allow me to do a middle part- I have tried so HARD, but it doesn’t work. If you’re trying to do a new part, just make sure that your hair is wet and blow dry it where you want it to go- you can always use the clips from my story to help train your hair while you’re doing your make up etc.

Secrets to keep your hair healthy?

My little routine prior to blow drying is definitely what keeps my hair healthy (see above with Wash & Treat). I think it is important to let the leave in conditioner and the hair oil ‘marinate’ and absorb before blow drying. Of course, this isn’t always an option because sometimes you’re in a rush and you’ve just got to blow dry immediately- but when you can, try to give your hair some time to absorb the nutrients.

Brianne Conley