Black Friday Weekend Sales


Alright chickies- I have spent a whole lot of time combing through all of my favorite retailers hoping to give you some guidance on where to shop and what to snag with this insane weekend of sales. This is such a fun week to splurge on things that have been sitting in your cart and to start (or finish) your holiday shopping for all of your favorite people. Hope you find some goodies below!


They always have an amazing sale that lasts the entire weekend. I love to stock up on things for Eric for Christmas (things like these tees, crew neck sweaters, and accessories). It is also an amazing time to finally get the outerwear you have been lusting after. Their outerwear comes in the most gorgeous colors and lasts forever. I still have the ballet pink version of this coat from 2013 and it remains one of my favorite pieces!


I ALWAYS stock up on holiday decor during this sale. It is no secret that they have the most luxurious and whimsical ornaments, but they come at a hefty price. I usually sort through all of them and pick a few to splurge on while they are part of this sale.

Anthro is known for their candles- the capri blue volcano scent is their signature- you’d know that smell anywhere! I always stock up on these for myself and because they make amazing hostess gifts throughout the season

CURRENT STRUGGLE: which floral coat to buy? This rose printed sherpa is honestly epic but I am also super into this floral puffer because I don’t have any coats this color- the struggle is real!

These are the updated version to my plates and bowls- I absolutely LOVE mine- I have them in ivory and never get sick of them//the go with everything!

Anthro also has some of the best hair accessories & hats- Like this polka dot pony tail bow I wore on instagram a few weeks ago and so many more like it!


Le duhhh. Is it just me or does Madewell make me want to cry every time I am on their site this season? Everything is just so dang good!? Madewell is my go-to for basics and denim- I love their fly knit denim and their crew neck and v neck tees for my basics.

Ohhh yeah, this lilac faux fur & this lilac sherpa will be the first things I’ll be purchasing this weekend. my gawd they are good. I have the blush polartec fleece from J.Crew last year (also linked above) & I wear it so much that I HAD to have this one too.

I purchased these mules last year and wear them TO DEATH. If there’s one piece of advice I have if you’re thinking about them- it would be RUN, ORDER, NOW. They sell out SO quickly and have already sold out a few times this season. Since they’ll be on sale, I don’t anticipate them lasting long at all. (run true to size)


Asos is one of those websites where you have to have a mission, or it can be really overwhelming. Their stock is massive and if you aren’t looking for something specific, you could easily get lost in the shuffle. I find ASOS to be amazing for occasion dresses and always send readers to ASOS for affordable options for weddings or any dress up event. I personally, shop at ASOS for their pajamas. They always have cheeky prints in cozy fabrics and you cannot beat the price point.


This will be my first time covering anything Abercrombie and before you roll your eyes, let me just tell you- this is not the same Abercrombie we knew in High School. They have seriously updated their products and when I was browsing their website I think I had to pick my jaw up off the ground- it is GOOD. Some of my favs are below-

Wanted to spotlight this faux fur moto because I think it would be an AMAZING addition to your wardrobe. I picture wearing it with black jeans and a tee shirt to go out with friends during the cold months. It’ll serve as your chic moto jacket AND your warm coat- Win//win in my opinion!

I’m definitely snagging a pair of these pajamas (we all know I have a pajama problem) but they just look SO easy and cozy.


I shared a full shopbop post yesterday (see post here) but wanted to add a bit to this blog post because it is such a good sale and I don’t want you guys to miss out!!

MARK AND GRAHAM (gifts for all, including yourself)

This car carrier will 100% be on a list of ‘best purchases of 2018. I use it almost daily to transport things to and from No.14, on road trips, and trips to the grocery store.

This bag is PERFECT for someone who is always attending concerts or games- with the new handbag regulations in stadiums and arenas, you can take all of the things you need into the game with this bag! Not to mention, she cute!

Banana Republic (for him)

If you are looking for some great pieces to wear to work, Banana always has a great sale. Being that I do not need suiting or business casual clothing for work- I usually get E a ton from here (most of his work wardrobe is from Banana). Wanted to link a few things that he loves from here prior to doing my men’s gift guide later on!

He LOVES these dress shirts. They are slim fit and AHEM. you can WASH THEM. in the washer……no dry cleaning runs. They are a gift to wives.

He also loves these tees & I LOVE him in them. They grey is my favorite because they do such a great marled textured grey. Additionally, their suits are pretty modernly cut and really affordable during sales like this

E has these shoes and wears them ALL the time and gets a ton of compliments on them. They’re his more casual shoe!

This coat is so handsome- E has been on the hunt for a dressier coat so this one might end up under the tree for him!

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