My Tempurpedic Shopping Experience


Happy October Guys- I can’t believe we are so deep into ‘fall’ because it has barely felt that way! Chatting with you all a bit about my experience shopping at Levin Furniture for my Tempurpedic mattress.

Most of you have probably seen me posting about my new bed arriving last week. Eric and I took the plunge and ordered a Tempurpedic mattress through Levin’s Furniture for our master bedroom and have been SO excited about getting it- literally ever since we went shopping E would ask me EVERY night, ‘when is our bed coming’ meanwhile, it was like…the quickest turn around ever and he is just impatient!


A bit about our experience in store:

When we walked into Levin’s Wexford location, we were greeted by the happiest of faces and immediately felt like family. I know mattress shopping can be a bit odd…like you’re there laying on a bed while a stranger watches you, but this was nothing like that. The sales associate helping us was unbelievably kind, she knew her product in and out and she made us feel so comfortable and was determined to help us get the right bed for our needs.

I am the type of person who gets into bed with a book or my iPad, I like to read or scroll through Pinterest while I unwind from my day. Eric, on the other hand, falls fast asleep the second his head hits the pillow. (I have actually started to buy books on my iPad so that he doesn’t ask me to turn the light off before I’ve even opened my book)

So, when we saw the ‘Ease 2.0’ option that allows for eric and I to have separate incline settings- we were immediately sold. Not only can you incline your head, but there is also a setting for your feet to incline which helps take the pressure off of your lower back


The second we felt the pressure from our lower backs we literally looked at each other like ‘yep, we have found our bed.’ You’d be surprised how much of a difference it makes!

Additionally, it has a ‘zero gravity’ setting where it adjusts so that your feet are higher than your head, giving you the feel of zero gravity and taking pressure off of your back, neck and legs. Being that I am on my feet all the time, I am going to love this setting come the holiday shopping season at No.14.

Here is a bit of quick literature on the design we chose:

You’d be surprised how much technology goes into your mattress to get you then best night of sleep. I was never the person who was fussy about a mattress. I was more- just give me a bed- I’ll sleep. Welp, not anymore- I am officially spoiled and probably going to be such a bed snob from here on out.

Just living my zero gravity dreams over here…

Just living my zero gravity dreams over here…

Answering some of your most asked questions from Instagram here:

How are you liking it?

LOVING it so far- We’ve only had it for a few days but so far I love it. I’ll do a review a bit later out on it, letting you know how we are sleeping maybe a month or so in? It is obviously very comfortable and that wasn’t ever a question. But, truly, the option to incline is just a game changer. Even this past weekend, we went to the Steelers game, and it was 1938402938 degrees, the sun took it out of us and we were ready for bed at like 7pm. We got into bed around 8 and sat up, turned on an episode of friends and just hangout (then fell asleep before 9 because we are old & washed up). But so far, every night, I am like AH I CAN’T BELIEVE I GET TO SIT UP AND READ.

Do you have to use a special kind of sheets?

Yes! Ours is a king, so it is technically two twins put together and we had to get twinXL fitted sheets. Our top sheet is still king size, but it really wasn’t an issue. I went to Bed Bath & Beyond and bought these twinXL fitted sheets. I was actually PUMPED because they sell the fitted sheet ALONE, so you don’t need to buy the whole set of sheets and waste the top sheet or pillow cases.

Is there a crack down the middle? Can you feel it/see it?

There is a crack, yes. You can of course see it when you are under the covers, but not when your bed is made. It is ‘there’ but is isn’t an issue. Eric and I aren’t people who cuddle at night, so it doesn’t bother us at all. But even if we did, I don’t think it would be an issue. It is a ‘crack’ but it isn’t an open space- the beds are completely connected so it’s not like you’d fall down it.

How does Roo like it?

Shout out to the several people who asked this because you totally get me- obviously Roo is our child and she’s also known for staying in bed all dang morning! She loves it! When we first got it, I sat in bed with her immediately and she got comfortable in two seconds. Wasn’t too worried about her because as long as she’s with us, she’s happy- but I can seriously tell she likes this better.

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