GIFT GUIDE: For The Girl Who Has Everything

SHOP THIS PHOTO:    Cosmetic Bags   /   Jewelry Case   /   Bow   /   Pearl Earrings   /   Cluster Earrings   / Rings (my own) /   Belt   /   Glasses   /   Travel Brush   /   Scarf   / Silk Scarves (my own)


Cosmetic Bags / Jewelry Case / Bow / Pearl Earrings / Cluster Earrings / Rings (my own) / Belt / Glasses / Travel Brush / Scarf / Silk Scarves (my own)

Gifts for the girl who has everything.

I am the worst person to buy for, and I know it. There are tons of girls like me out there who are really tough to buy for but don’t have EVERYTHING like you think they do. Usually, a girl who has everything prefers a hint of luxury and for things to be cohesive and matching so I compiled up some of my favorite things I have been gifted or things that I own that would make amazing gifts. Pieces to make everyday easier, some of the best ‘wear all the time’ pieces, and this year’s it bag- to name a few, happy shopping!

The Low Down

ONE : This car organizer will be on several gift guides and definitely end up on my ‘best purchases of 2018’ post later this month. Firm believer that everyone needs this! I use it every single day whether it is carrying groceries to and from my car, taking things in and out of No.14 or popping to the lake for the weekend and bringing all of the extra things- this car organizer will change your life.

TWO & THREE: In the last year, my mom has purchased me both of these- one for Christmas and one for my birthday and they are some of my favorite gifts I’ve ever received. They are one of those items you just don’t want to buy yourself. So luxury, but also not outrageously expensive. When I travel, I love for everything to match and these always look so cute in my luggage together. It always is way more personal to have something monogrammed, so major win there. The cosmetic bags hold a ton- I usually put all of my makeup in the large one and keep the small one in my carry on with chapstick, a phone charger etc. I LOVE the jewelry carrier because it sits pretty on any dresser or counter once you’ve arrived to wherever you’re traveling. I also love knowing everything has a place when I’m traveling, so putting my rings and earrings in their designated spots is ideal for me. It also comes in a mini version here.

FOUR: The thermal of your dreams! If whomever you’re buying for doesn’t own this, you need to purchase…pronto. I’ve never seen one item leave No.14 so quickly. Then once I linked it on my blog, dozens of you purchased it instantly, it continues to be one of the most purchased items week after week. It’s one of those things ANYONE can wear and EVERYONE can find a purpose for. If you are looking to wear it as a tunic- purchase true to size. If you want to wear as a dress, go up one!

FIVE: Another item that I know my followers love- This cardi is something I wear around my house all day long with leggings then add over the knee boots and go grab drinks with friends. It is multipurpose and so perfect. My favorite colors are the ivory and rose- runs big so size down!

SIX: Gah give me alll of the lilac. I love this combo, so No. 6 is a two for one deal. This sweater is something I could see ANY girl wearing, its oversized and looks so cozy- its also fairly new to the site, so whomever you’re shopping for probably hasn’t snagged it for themselves yet (or if you’re on here shopping for yourself- YOU GO GIRL!). This puffer is another major swoon item. I am obsessed with this shade of purple. I have a coat extremely similar to this from last year in blush and it was something I wore CONSTANTLY. I especially love it through the cold winter (ahem, until April) because of its pastel color.

SEVEN: The perfect gift for the girl who has everything, the next IT bag. The Cult Gaia bag was everywhere the past two summers, and this spring/summer this clear staud bag comes in a plethora of gorgeous colors and its the new bag you’re about to see allll over instagram (if you haven’t already). It is reasonably priced and something every girl is going to want in the next few months so snag it now!

EIGHT: How many sherpas is too many sherpas? The limit does not exist! I have this pink sherpa from last year and it is one of my favorite items- I live in it. This one is also on my wish list because (well, lilac!).

NINE: Cozy and sweet and matching. This set is amazing because these two colors will go with ANYTHING you own. I also love that it comes packaged so adorably. A scarf and hat (or glove) set is something that is always an amazing gift because you never really want to buy them for yourself, but when you have them, you wear them all the time!

TEN: ‘Hiking’ Boots: This season’s must have winter boot and something every girl needs. I was on the hunt for a good pair for SO long and ended up with these pink ones (they come in several other colors). They have a memory foam insole and are fleece lined so they are unreal comfortable and warm. Depending on your budget (from low to high) I love these black ones (under $100) these brown ones (under $250) , and these crazy warm ones (under $400)

ELEVEN: A Clear Cross Body ready to take on any concert or sporting event. Stadium and arena guidelines are changing all over the country and worrying if your bag will make the cut is no fun. This bag is cute and stylish and will pass the guidelines for any arena- cute & practical!

TWELVE: Last year for Christmas, E got me matching luggage and I love it. He got me all three sizes in this Herschel Supply Luggage and I love them. (FYI the size ‘small’ works as a carry on and I recommend purchasing that size instead of the one labeled carry on, just so you get a bit more room!)

THIRTEEN: I was in anthro the other day and stumbled upon these gloves and their matching hat and they are so dang adorable and an amazing gift. I love the jewels on them for an added detail that is perfect if you want to dress up your outfit but you’re going to be out in the cold. I’m picturing them ice skating or for New Years Eve downtown.

FIFTEEN:You can never have enough. Never ever ever. I love cute pajamas and feel like I have cared way more about my pajamas since moving in with E 2 years ago. I always want him to feel like I look put together so I love matching pajama sets. Eberjey pajamas are the ultimate luxury- they have a higher price point but last FOREVER and feel like heaven when you wear them- they’re a great gift to receive. Asos is another brand whose pajamas I love, their prints are more cheeky and their price point is more adorable if you’re looking for a quick add on gift! I love this candy cane pair, and this striped pair if you don’t want holiday pajamas.

FOURTEEN: All hail the Yeti Mug- Well #houseofkords is Yeti obsessed. Its official, the mugs we registered for have made their way to the top of our cabinet and all of the yetis are down on the most accessible shelf. I have the mug, the 20oz, the 30oz and the high ball. I use the mug at home, the 20oz when I am taking coffee out (the mug doesn’t fit in cup holders FYI) and the 30oz goes to work with me filled with sparkling water and lime. There’s nothing like hot hot coffee and cold cold water. Yeti will 100% make it into every one of my gift guides so I hope you don’t get sick of it!

SIXTEEN: If whomever you’re shopping for doesn’t fly very often or is looking for more of a weekend tote- this Longchamp tote is incredible. Like all Longchamp pieces, it folds to next to nothing, meaning its amazing to store when you’re not using it. This is one of my favorite totes to take on a weekend trip to my parents lake house. Sometimes we’ll go for one night and I won’t expand it. Or if we go for 3ish days, I’ll expand it and everything still fits perfectly. I unpack once I get to the lake and fold this up and hang it in my closet- I’m telling you its AMAZING for weekend trips. If your girl is like me, she loves matching bags, so you could always add this tote on so she can match!

Stay tuned for the next gift guides! I will be covering gifts under $50, gifts for parents/in laws, and gifts for your man!

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