GIFT GUIDE: The Parents

SHOP THIS PHOTO:    Pajamas   /   Earrings   /   Wrapping Paper   /   Ribbon   (way cheaper to buy this way)


Pajamas / Earrings / Wrapping Paper / Ribbon (way cheaper to buy this way)

What to gift your parents and in laws:

The most requested gift guide was something to buy for parents and in laws and honestly, I get it! I feel like my parents purchase everything they need on their own and don’t ask for anything because they hate when their kids buy something for them. Yet, these are the people who raised you and raised your hubby so they’re the coolest and deserve everything in the world. I LOVED doing this post because it was a challenge for me to browse all the sites and once I got into the groove, I thought of gifts that I’ll be giving this year (hopefully they don’t read this post ;). I tried to make this guide really thoughtful and I am hoping you love it!

ONE: Something more thoughtful and pretty inexpensive for your in laws is framing a family picture from your wedding. Eric and I did this the Christmas after we got married and it was a huge hit. It was also really special because Eric’s grandfather was in the photo and had sadly passed between our wedding and Christmas which made the photo all the more special. We purchased this frame for E’s parents, it is really, really nice and sturdy and looks super expensive. Its like framebridge, without the added cost. Last year was also the first year all of my parents children were married, we framed a photo of each of our weddings for my mom and she has them hanging in her house in a collage, which is another killer idea!

TWO: In the last few years I have noticed both my mom and E’s mentioning things about how their kitchen pieces are starting to look dated (not my words, theirs!). I think it especially has something to do with their kids being older and getting married, registering for kitchen things and everything being new and shiny! Think about the fact that your parents’ kitchen supplies are most likely from THEIR weddings or first house. My mom has slowly been upgrading some of her kitchen and so has Eric’s, I always think its thoughtful to give something they’ll use all the time and value. Things like a chic new coffee pot would be great option.

THREE: Yeti- Guys, I’m telling you they are the best purchase of your life. Yeti just came out with wine glasses and these are an INSANELY GOOD GIFT for your mother in law and your mom. Both mine and E’s parents have lake houses, so these were a no brainer for our parents. We love to take the boat out with wine and cheese- These keep the wine really cold and the lids avoid any spills or splashing. Beyond the wine glasses, Eric’s dad will put a mixed drink in his 20oz yeti, and we will pour the bottle of wine into the rambler to keep them all cold. More of a beer drinker? Yeti also has a coozie for that! Of course this ins’t just for people with lake houses, its amazing any time of year for any activity (it keeps things hot as well) I use mine any time we tailgate and honestly use my regular cups every single day for water and coffee. I am to the point where I travel anywhere with my yeti arsenal, I have no shame.

FOUR: A weighted blanket is a huge gift of 2018. I’ll be honest and say that I do not have one but after all of the craze, I’m tempted! My sister in law SWEARS by hers and says it is so comforting to sleep with. This one is Amazon’s best seller and comes in a million different colors to match all decor!

FIVE: Cheese Board & Matching knives - I’m ALL for charcuterie and so are both my parents and my in laws. I feel like having a good cheeseboard and matching cheese knives is a right of passage and something that always make your house look styled and your guests welcomed. If you wanted to take this gift a little further- try snagging a gift card to a local meats and cheeses place for them to make a day out of. If you live in Pittsburgh, Penn. Mac. in the Strip is an AMAZING option.

SIX: Men’s Uggs. All of my brothers, Eric, and both my dad and E’s dad have these and they are AMAZING, they LOVE them. These will definitely make it onto the men’s gift guide list, they were on last years and will probably be on years to come because they’re so amazing. They’re masculine but so warm. Eric changes right into his every time he comes home in the winter.

SEVEN: last year, my siblings and I completely revamped my parents wine glasses. They had a bunch of mismatched glasses from over the years and none of them went together or looked nice on their bar. Additionally, we have way more wine drinkers now that all of their kids are over 21 and have wives etc. We got them 12 of these white wine glasses and 12 of these red wine glasses and my mom was SUPER happy about it. You could always throw in a bottle or two of your favorite red and white- or even a wine subscription!

EIGHT: We all have one of these coolers and love them. My parents use it at the lake to transport to and from the boat and Eric actually uses his for his lunch every single day. (he doesn’t have an office so he unfortunately eats in his car most days and this always keeps everything at the temp he wants to eat at) This is a great gift to go in on with siblings!

NINE: A good robe is another in home luxury (this one comes in several colors). I have seen this one on instagram a few times this season and it looks SO cozy. I love the texture to it. If your mom or mother in law works, I feel like a robe and slippers combo is a great gift that will help her relax when she gets home after a long day.

TEN: This book has been affectionately named ‘the bro bible’ in my family. My dad purchased it several years ago and continued to buy one for my brothers and Eric, and Eric has now purchased one for his dad and brother (if you can’t tell, when the dudes in my family like something, they tend to buy it for all of the other dudes). It has recipes that make men want to cook so it’s a MAJOR win, I feel like every single one of the guys got really interested in grilling after getting this book!

ELEVEN: Ugg slippers are one of those things you don’t want to buy yourself but once you have them, you don’t know how you lived without them. In my opinion these are the best option because they slip on. I also love how these have tread to them so they feel a bit more like a shoe and you can pop out to the mailbox in them and not have to change your shoes.

TWELVE: Copper mugs are always a go to gift because they’re attractive and who the hell doesn’t love a good Moscow Mule. Two years ago my brothers convinced me these mugs were THE MUGS of the mule. I usually leave my dad’s gift to them so shrugged it off- but let me tell you how much my dad loves these mugs and how many compliments he gets on them when he has guests over. They are SOLID copper, not just coated, which is why they’re more expensive. This is a great gift to go in on with siblings- they have options for a set of two or a set of four- I’m fairly certain we got my dad six, because our family is pretty big!

ADD ON: Quality time is another thing that should never be underestimated. A gift card to a local spa for a couples massage, a gift card to a fancy restaurant or even booking them a staycation in town are all killer ideas that force them to spend QT together and are something they may not do themselves. For an added touch, send a bottle of their favorite champagne to their table at dinner.

Brianne Conley