GIFT GUIDE: The Men In Your Life

ONE: I chatted about these slippers in the gifts for parents gift guide as well but felt they deserved to be here twice- I’m telling you they’re an amazing gift to any dude. They’re so so warm, every guy I know that owns them, LOVES them

TWO: Because E doesn’t have a ‘desk job’ he is constantly in and out of the car heading to accounts and in and out of weather. This year he asked for shoes he could wear in the snow with his chinos (prob not best for a suit). I got him these but I also looked into these. I ultimately chose the Ugg pair because they are lined with shearling so he would stay warm.

THREE: I bought this jacket for E probably 4 years ago at a boutique in Lawrenceville. It has always been a favorite of mine but he didn’t really go for it…I wouldn’t let him get rid of it and this year he all the sudden started wearing it. When he wears it I am OBSESSED, he looks SO handsome. He’s started to wear it REGULARLY this fall and I am not kidding that every time he wears it he get complimented. Like his buddies mention it, random people etc- the other day we were literally crossing the street in the middle of traffic and someone stopped him to ask where it was from. Now he loves it (#winning). Another similar one here

FOUR: If you live in an area like Pittsburgh, gloves are a must Jan-March (yes, March…maybe even April if you’re unlucky enough). Last year for Christmas I actually bought E two pairs of gloves because it was so dang cold. These are a favorite of his, and so are these- J.Crew is always running a sale too so it’s a great time to snag!

FIVE: Apple Watch: If your dude doesn’t have one of these yet, immediately add to cart. All of the dudes in my family have an Apple watch and track each other’s steps and workouts- when they close their ‘rings’ etc. They get SUPER competitive with it and its honestly just fun for them to all be a part of. (FYI I do not have an Apple watch and do not really know what all of this is but I listen to enough banter about it that I feel semi educated ;))

SIX & SEVEN: This duffel was on last years gift guide and is making another appearance this year because it is WORTH it. E uses this all the time to go to my parents lake house and anytime we are taking a weekend trip. It fits a ton of stuff and he loves how there’s a special pocket for the shoes underneath so they don’t get your clothes dirty. My mom also got my brother one of these and he loves it too. Its a great, masculine and efficient. You can also snag the matching dop kit to really make it a great gift.

EIGHT: Another thing I got E this year was a nice coat he can wear with his dress clothes for work. He has a quilted jacket and a parka, but nothing that looks professional with his dress clothes. I splurged and got him this one (in the grey) because I saw it in Nordstrom and honestly, it is just to die for. I am REALLY excited for him to get it. Another great option would be this one or this one.

NINE: For the working dude: Eric’s work wardrobe can be a million different things from scrubs, chinos and a sweater, to a full suit. On days when he’s not wearing scrubs, he’s at least always wearing a nice dress shirt. He is OBSESSED with these. They are machine washable (!!!) enter: the best shirt ever for wives and to save on dry cleaning. No ironing or doing an of that BS- like who has time for that? These are also a modern slim fit so they look really sharp.

TEN :K, lets talk undies. Dudes loooove good underwear. Its low key weird that my brothers, dad and husband discuss how much they love Tommy John underwear…but…they do. Apparently these are the end all and be all in men’s undergarments. Eric is now exclusively Tommy John undershirts and underwear- for the record, he prefers the longer briefs…okay I’m done talking about my husbands underwear…ONTO THE NEXT.

ELEVEN: YETI FOR EVERYONE: Told ya it would be on every gift guide ;). E has this cooler- and he loves it. As a little add on gift this year, I bought him the cooling packs to go inside it (and I know I’ll benefit from these too on trips to the lake etc). Of course any of the cups are great- but if your dude drinks beer, another killer add on is the koozie, it really keeps things cold and is a great gift (or even a secret santa!)

TWELVE: I feel like dudes are always really into tech things. We have sonos all throughout our house and love it. The speakers project sound incredibly and theyre just honestly fun to have when you’re about to have a random dance party. If your guy lives in an apartment, you probably only need one speaker to project the sound (No.14 only has one and its great!). If you’re looking to fill several rooms, you can always do 2 or 3!

Brianne Conley