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Hello Colorado!!

I am currently in Telluride, CO visiting my brother, Quinn and my sister in law, Alyssa. Q & Alyssa have lived in Denver for the past three years (remember their epic wedding last summer in Denver?). They are moving back to Pittsburgh in December (!!) and decided to take three months to move to Telluride as one last West Coast Hurrah (They’re like…really cool, I know). My parents had this weekend trip booked for months and the four of them bullied me into booking a last minute ticket to join them earlier this week, and I pulled the trigger and booked my flight.

No regrets here, I love to see Q & Alyssa and Telluride is a dream land. All of the Aspen trees are changing color while we are here and it is absolutely breathtaking when you ride the gondola to and from town.

Our first morning here, Q & Alyssa booked a Jeep tour for the five of us. It took us five miles up to the peak of the mountain overlooking the town and it was gorgeous, I couldn’t help but whip out my camera and snap pics of the views, oh and my new girlfriend Kimba the pup. Honestly, pictures don’t do these views justice. The colors are so bright and the mountains are so massive.

Telluride Jeep Tour Justagirlboss blog.jpg
Telluride Colorado Jeep Tour

How about this angel?! Her name is Kimba and she was a massive pup. She just sat in the front seat like a human through the entire tour (almost 4 hours) and was the cutest companion.

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Telluride Colorado Tour Just a girl boss blog.jpg
Telluride Jeep Tour Just A Girl Boss Blog.jpg
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We had to bundle up because the peak of the mountain was freezing and soo windy. This jacket is from No.14 and I actually remember walking into the showroom in June at market and being like BRING ON THE COLD WEATHER the second I saw this. It is the perfect structured sherpa moto jacket. This thing is going to be my go to allll winter.

I layered with this sherpa vest that I overnighted when I found out I was going on this trip. I LOVE the coral details and I have been wearing it every single day while I am here.

I also ordered this turban beanie from the Something Navy collection at Nordstrom the day it launched. It seems that it is out of stock now- but I am going to add this link incase some get returned and you stumble upon this post on a good day! I found something similar here just incase.

Leggings and boots here: Leggings are SO warm and fleece lined (more for ‘play’ than working out, hence the name) & they’re only $34. Boots are here- I bought them last year and really like them! I also just bought these that are really similar cannot wait to see them when I get home, looove the girlie details.

Sunnies are old Valentino Aviators I found an almost identical pair here & here

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