27 Years, 27 Facts


I am extremely impatient. Like…reallyyyy impatient.

I hate to see people alone, especially in a restaurant.  The thought of someone eating alone at a restaurant literally brings tears to my eyes.

I LOVE having a routine and thrive when I keep to it.

I hate silence. I am the youngest of 4 siblings so I grew up in a house that was always busy.  I always have background sound whether it be music on Sonos or Friends on Netflix.

Most of my blog posts are written at 10pm with a glass of wine when eric is working late or not home. 

I really miss having a bath tub. We chose to tile out a large shower rather than have a standard bathtub and shower. I love the way it looks but I used to take a bath every night!  I always sneak in a long bath when I’m at my parents’ house.

We plan to eventually move to the suburbs and renovate a house or build.  Probably not for 3-4 years, but I have been getting the itch for a project like that. 

I hate the dark.. Luckily we live in the city so it never gets pitch black in our room but I prefer to fall asleep with the TV on for light.

I think my brothers are the funniest humans on the planet. I would never tell them that but they’ll never read this so it’s okay.

The first transaction ever made at No.14 was by a very nice woman who had no idea that we had opened our doors for the first time ever 9 min before she walked through out door.  She eventually asked us how long we’d been open for; we told her 10 minutes she responded ‘well I have to buy something then!’ she bought cocktail napkins. It’s comical because I always anticipated that first purchase being some awesome shirt I’d never forget. Homegirl bought cocktail napkins.

I’m trying to train myself to sleep on my back. I’ve heard it’s all together better for your skin, anti aging and jaw clenching but I’ve been trying for years and always end up on my stomach so any suggestions are welcome.

I do not have a five year plan or anything of the sort.  I usually just go with the flow and set much more short term goals for myself.

I am really bad at doing nothing. Even when I am ‘relaxing’ I am usually working on blog posts, looking at lookbooks for No. 14 or answering emails. I find ‘doing nothing’ very hard and actually made an effort to just sit while I was on vacation last week.

I hate amusement parks and I am not a huge fan of Disney (GASP). I get really motion sick and I don’t love crowds.

I am a big home body and absolutely love my family. I will choose to spend time with family over doing just about anything else. 

My parents were suuuuper strict growing up.  Like I got in trouble for coming home at 11:04 when my curfew was 11:00 my senior year of high school.  Meanwhile, I was definitely in the driveway by 11, prob smooching on E and saying goodnight, but def got in trouble for being ‘4 minutes late.’  I used to hate how strict they were but now I think they’re the coolest for sticking to their guns and intend to be the same with our kids.

I didn’t drink until I was 22 years old.  I never liked the taste of it and never wanted to be THAT drunk girl so I spent my college going out with a bottle of water in hand. Don’t regret it at all and still freaking loved college.

I hate the tiny sunglasses trend but all the sudden am on the hunt for a cool dad sneaker and can’t believe I’m into it.

Eric and I have been together since we were 14-but the night we met, he was actually attending a party at my best friends house to meet her.  She was my maid of honor so obvi its all good. (Hi KJ!)

I struggled with naming No. 14 SO much and still sometimes wished we’d named it something different. I really wanted it to be called Edward & Rose (both big family names) but I felt like everyyyone names stores ‘name & name’ and I wanted to be different. 


I don’t make a single purchase for my house without asking my mom first. She’s the interiors guru and I trust her big time.

If I could learn how to do anything, I’d learn to draw/paint. I can barely draw proper stick figures and really wish I was more artistic.

My job is pretty much zero percent what I thought it would be when planning to open No.14. My day to day is a lot different than I expected it to be and I’m actually thrilled by the way it turned out and love my role. 

My family has 1928401 nicknames for one another and its actually really hard for other people to keep track of because we never call each other by our actual names.  My most used nickname is Smalls, which my brothers have affectionately turned into ‘Dralls’ when they THINK I’ve had too much to drink. That turned into just ‘D’, and since I slalom water ski, they call me ‘One Ski D’ and now they just call me ‘One Ski’ and I’d 100% answer if someone said ‘Hey, Ski’

A warm chocolate chip cookie with (millie’s) vanilla ice cream on top is my kryptonite.

I am constantly ‘losing’ tape measures and scissors. All the No.14 girls, my mom and Eric hate me because I never put them back where they are supposed to go and I am always looking for one.  No.14 has at least 6 pairs of scissors so there is always at least ONE handy, and Eric now has his own tape measure that he hides from me so I don’t lose it.  I don’t know why- but apparently its a thing for me..

I used to LOVE going out to eat and I have learned to really enjoy cooking in the last year and have started to prefer to stay in and cook.  It is so much healthier!

JGB is actually my second blog. I used to blog in college under the name ‘Trunk Show.’  I originally wanted to name No.14 TRUNK and thought Trunk Show was the perfect name to blend the two.  I stopped blogging after I graduated because I started working on No.14 and didn’t have any time to dedicate to blogging.  I decided to start blogging again after getting questions about shoes/hair/makeup through No.14’s account!


Brianne Conley